Sunday, 1 January 2012

Week 78

Happy New Years! How did you celebrate??? I chomped on some s'mores and drank a little bubbly (sparkling strawberry juice... fancy, I know). I got James and Hill's package! It was awesome. I got my new wallet, and I took  side by side pic with my old one, and I couldn't believe how trashed my old one had gotten. Thanks for the sweets too, and I've been rocking that new neck tie, it goes perfect with my grey suit. I got to use some of the vanilla mom sent too... but I realized they totally changed the ingredients! Crazy. Anyway...

Elder Frei and I rang in the new years with throwing down the best week of our transfers together. It was just one of those weeks where everything worked out, and just saw tons of miracles. We have so many appointments set up for next week too. But... today we get transfer calls, and elder frei has already been here 7 1/2 months, he may get the boot. Our transfers together have flown by. This has seriously been the fastest time has gone by probably my whole mission. We work together really well, and we both know what we're doing as far as the work and the language go, so it's just been stress free. Not to mention all the holidays really sped things up. We were having dinner with our Bishop last night (way good turkey feast), and we told him it was transfer calls the next days. He was really confused and asked, "Wait, you guys have only been together a month though." We looked at each other and said, "No, it's been THREE!"

We have an investigator who came back from living in Canada last month. He took the missionary lessons there. His English is pretty good, but since the missionaries there didn't speak any Korean, he had a lot of misunderstandings about a lot of things. We had two amazing lessons with him and resolved a lot of his concerns. The best thing we resolved for him was the Book of Mormon. Even in english, the language used is pretty hard to understand for those not familiar with it. But in korean, it's ten times worse. Seriously, its rough. It would take me a little while to explain all the reasons why, but mainly, they don't know half the words because it's that drastically different from modern Korean.

He flat out told us that he doesn't want anything to do with the Book of Mormon. He said, "It's so hard to understand, I don't feel like I'm a korean reading Korean." We read a few passages with him, and helped him understand, and he had so much fun, and felt so good about it, he wants to read the whole thing now! Complete 180, I rarely see people that excited to read the scriptures.

We set some New Years resolutions with our recent convert yesterday. A set for Spiritual things, like reading the scriptures, family home evening, etc.  And then for other non-spiritual stuff like exercise, work, school etc. It was weird setting goals for after the mission, but one of the big things I wanna do when we get back is FHE. Our family will be getting one bigger this year, so I think it would be a blast. Babies like board games right?

Ok, anyway... maybe get in the habit already, so by the time I get back you've already figured out what time works best for everyone. I look forward to Free geeking out on Settlers, and dad using his Jedi tricks on Yahtzee. Seriously though, I don't know how dad does it... ya cheater.

Love you all,
Elder Reyes

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