Sunday, 18 September 2011

Week 63

Summer never came, and it's already over. We got really lucky this year. It became pretty cold last night, and we're all wearing jackets today. This time last year it was still boiling hot. My allergies are still going crazy though, and I've been taking Benadryl the last couple of days so I knock out pretty quick at night. Apparently I started humming in my sleep again now that I'm taking meds. I guess that means I'm finally getting some deep sleep.

We had our musical conference  this past Saturday. I have a bunch of videos and stuff but I have no idea how to send 'em. I am terrible with computers, and everything is in Korean so I'm even more useless when it comes to that kinda stuff.

We found a whole new set of investigators this week. It's been a long wait, and a lot of hard work finding, but we finally found some people open to learn. I've never not had people to teach up until I came to this area. Our whole zone has been having a rough time in that aspect of the work. But we are really starting to work together, and seeing a lot of miracles. Sometimes the situation you're given isn't always the best, but as long as you choose to push forward, and do all you can to progress and improve the talents and gifts that God has given you, you will be blessed.

I'm just really grateful for my companion, and getting to work with someone who really wants to help the people. Last transfer was a bit of a struggle, but I learned a lot from it. It's amazing to see how much a mission can refine you. It's funny to see yourself develop attributes and skills that you never knew you needed. I can see myself developing patience, and understanding that should definitely come in handy down the road, in work, marriage, and family life. I've never had to multitask this much in my life. Moms are the best at that, though. Maybe that's why Sister missionaries do so well.

Anyway, I'll try to get some pics your way. Take care. Love you all.

-Elder Reyes

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Week 62

Hey. How did you all celebrate Mom's B-day?!!! Did you eat Italian? Anyway, I just finished a long holiday here, that's why I'm emailing late. "Chew-suck" (the Thanksgiving of Korea), fell on a Monday this year so I didn't get a full crazy week of p-days like last year, but I still had a couple solid days of rest. They also just had one hour of church this past Sunday, because people travel up to 9 hours to visit their hometowns to be with their families. I was surprised how much of the ward came out.

Our fridge is overflowing with food now thanks to the members in the wards our house serves in. I've also gotten to snack-it-up on some of my favorite American candies. I finally got Mom and Ka-el's package. Thanks so much for everything. (side note, I can get baking soda and power out here so no worries next time). I'm gonna be baking up some more banana bread, and I forgot what real brown sugar looked like.

The rain stopped last week, and it made my allergies go crazy. Yesterday during our "chew-suck" conference I was hocked up on all sorts of medication. I got to perform a couple of songs for the conference, one I wrote and a rendition of "How Great thou art", which I played with Elder Dorius.  Elder Dorius and I have been in the same district 5 out of the last 6 transfers. Way fun Elder, and waaay good at piano.

At the chew-suck conference, my trainer gave his farewell talk. He'll be leaving at the end of this transfer. The Sisters I was in the MTC with gave their farewell talks the day before. I was really bummed I didn't get to see them speak. It's kind of strange that they'll be going home. It starts off the countdown in my head, but I'll try to ignore it.

Elder Warren and I are having a blast. He keeps telling me I need to go to the hospital for my allergies, but the last time I got allergy medicine in Korea it knocked me out for hours at a time. I just don't know if I can put myself outta commission like that again.

I'm also still crazy allergic to mosquito bites. I got bit 6 times on the face two nights ago, and 7 times around the neck. We stayed in another area's house and we all got eaten alive. Luckily our house doesn't get mosquitoes.

Our ward has their ward conference coming up, and we're having a musical conference the day before, so we have been preparing for that. The last thing we're gonna do is "Hey Jude". We had a little rehearsal last Saturday for our bishopric. The First Counselor hadn't heard me play before, and I think he was half worried about what we were gonna do. But he was really excited after we showed him what we've been working on, and he even talked about it in church the next day. "You gotta hear these Elders. I was blown away." Elder Warren will be performing a rap to me playing Ben Kweller, and I'll be doing some Travis.  Really excited, we got some less-actives involved as well, so it's really good.

Thanks again for all the goodies. I'm ready to send out Mom's and Issa's gifts. I' not as on the ball as James was about hitting those b-days. I hope you all had a good time. Mom and Dad, gimme some updates on what you've been up to. Love you all.

-Elder Reyes

Monday, 5 September 2011

Week 61

Transfer calls came, and it was exciting. I'm staying in Ju-an, and I got one of the coolest Elders in the mission. I've known him since he first came into the country. His name is Elder Warren from Utah. He is an amazing freestyle rapper, and built motorcycles before the mish. I knew him from staying at his house whenever we came in for meetings. Since I was in Won Ju for so long, we always had to come in the night before, because it was so far from the rest of the mission. Anyway, Elder Eisenhauer also lived with him before, and this house is one big happy family. A little too much fun at times, but it's better than the alternative.

The work out here is really getting a kick as well. We found a great new investigator, who I contacted a while back and then just called us out of the blue. The weather has cleared, and my new companion and I are good and healthy so I've gotten to hit the streets hard for the first time in like a month. It feels good.

This transfer has just begun, but I couldn't be happier. We've got a lot of new things we want to try for our area as well.

Ok, so there's only one computer available today, and I don't want to keep my new comp from getting to email his family. So I'll just say that things are good. I've got allergies again, and for some reason half of my eyebrow broke off this morning, but other than that, I'm okay. Thank you for your prayers. And thanks for the updates. I got a letter from Ryan Mayer, and I got to hear from Conor! Let them know I appreciate it. And that I'm a terrible letter writer so make sure they know I miss 'em.  I'd love to hear how everybody is doing. Take care, love you all.

-Elder Reyes