Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Week 68

Okay, I was sick most of this week so I will apologize for not being able to make any new recordings for you all. I've been pretty out of it, especially the last half of the week. I'm not exactly sure what i got, but it had me in bed most of the day. I will be making a bunch of recordings for you this week, including the song I wrote for the last conference we had.

Other than me being sick, this week was great. We found a bunch of good potentials, got our hands on a couple of more guitars, and have a baptismal date set for next month with one of our investigators. We'll be starting guitar classes here soon. We told most of our single adults about it and they are all really excited. Like Elder Frei said, "Everyone deep down wants to know how to play guitar." My comp is also picking it up as well. I got my hands on another electric that a member who moved to America left here. I finished fixing up the intonation yesterday and it sounds great. We also got another acoustic from another area in our zone that I'll be fixing up for Elder Frei.

The other day one of our ward members ran a 10k. She told us she'd have no one to cheer her on, so she asked if we could meet her at the finish line. We thought it'd be a little event, but it turns out there was a massive endless flood of people who also ran the race. We guestimated there was 10,000 people there... We were WAAAAY off. The were over 2 million people who participated in the race. It was a Nike event called "We Run Seoul." They had fireworks and everything. It was nuts.

You'd think the streets, buses, and subways would be at a standstill, but there seemed to be only slightly more people around. Seoul is a busy place always, so what is an extra 2 million??? It honestly didn't feel that different.

I'm having so much fun out here. Elder Frei and I are hoping to get to stay together next transfer too. Next transfer contains all three big holidays, Thanksgiving. Christmas, and New Years. It's gonna be a blast.

Speaking of holidays, Halloween is coming up. There was nothing in Korea for it last year, but this year they have tons of Halloween stuff everywhere! Weird how that's starting to catch on here.

Ok, love you all. I'll get those audio recordings going again. Let me know how you've all been! Let Adam know I say happy b-day as well!

-Elder Reyes

Monday, 17 October 2011

Audio Recordings!

Elder Elijah Reyes (2) by Chiara Reyes

  Elder Elijah Reyes (3) by Chiara Reyes

Week 67

Alright. Transfer calls came and I got the boot. I was really torn up to leave that area, and especially the friends I was living with, but I have been sent to greener pastures. I've been sent to the best area in the mission by far. It's called Yeoung Dum Po. Not sure how it's really spelled in English but that's how it sounds in Korean. This is the place I called you from last Christmas in the Hospital.

Another great thing about serving here is I get to serve with Elder Frei. He's in some of the MTC pics I sent home before. We're Zone Leaders over this stake. Elder Frei is the first companion close to my age in the mission that I've gotten to serve with. The closest before Elder Frei was my trainer, who trained me in his 5th transfer, and my first greenie, whom I trained in my 5th transfer. Anyone else I've served with was older or younger in the mission than that. We're both excited to learn from each other. It's a safe bet that we are the best non-Korean speakers in the mission right now. We have strengths in different areas of the language, and we've been making leaps ahead this past week with our language study. So amazing.

This ward is the best. I heard it in the MTC, and I've heard it my whole mish. Remember that panoramic picture I sent of Seoul? That was from this apartment that I am living in now. 23rd floor. I've only got 4 transfers left, so I will probably finish out my mission here.

Another great perk, is that our church building is the biggest structure our church owns in all of Asia. It's massive! And it has a full size basketball court.

Another great thing: Elder Frei received a voice recorder this week. So we've been recording daily voice journals on it. If we figure it out, we'll get those posted up today. Now you won't have to miss a thing that happens!

Amazing miracles here. I explain em all in the recordings. If we cant figure it out I'll send em next week.

Ok, love ya all.

-Elder Reyes

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Week 66

Alright, no transfer calls till tonight. Our entire house is kinda just wallowing over the chance that we might get split apart. We've all gotten along so great, one transfer together just doesn't seem like enough. I've gotten to learn so much from everybody I'm living with right now. They were all missionaries I've known long before we were put together. It's like getting to live with your brothers. I'll have to send pics of the house,  regardless of what happens with calls tonight. I think it's probably the cleanest house in the mish.

Another reason I will be sad to leave this house, is we got a brand new oven and vaccum this past week. Sounds petty, but when I've been cooking on an oven that has a door that doesn't close, and temperatures are inconsistent, it means a lot to me. And when we've been using a broom to sweep up the mess of four grown men, a vacuum is a precious gift.

Ok, I said last week I've never been more excited for conference before in my life. Part of that comes from being a missionary, part of it comes from hearing talks in English for a change, and part of it comes from the fact that it'll be my last general conference while here in Korea. The biggest thing though, is for the first time, I have that unwavering knowledge that through the words of living prophets and apostles, and more importantly through the power of the Holy Ghost, I can find answers to the questions of my heart.

I went into this Conference with more specific questions than I've ever had before. And I got answers. One in particular didn't come in the way I expected, but it came stronger than any other answer.

I was really excited, and I wanted to keep good notes. But being in a dark room for hours, and going off the energy a missionary has after a year and a half in the field got the best of me at certain times. I'd be watching, fully aware, jotting down notes, then all of a sudden I'd wake up in a mini-pool of my own drool. A different person would be speaking, and I would have to wonder how long I was out for, getting a pretty good idea by letting my blurry eyes adjust, and looking at the notes of the person next to me. It's like a little kid super excited to go to Disneyland, only to be completely all out of energy, and sleeping in their parents arms by lunch time.

Luckily we've got it all on DVD, so we'll be going over those talks again and again. You can do the same via the world wide wibslinger. Let me know any cool stories you've got about conference, or any talks in particular you liked.

Love you all,

Elder Reyes

Week 65

First off, Happy early birthday wishes to dad. Be sure to send e pics, and all that fun stuff.

Also, it's a holiday today, so our normal email places are closed. I;m standing in a department store, writing this email, and I'm not sure if they'll kick us off these things. So I may have to be brief.

It's been pretty nice and cold. And this week will be the last week I can proselyte outside without my suit jacket for the rest of my mission. Scary thought. I'm having a pretty great time right now. We've got investigators, and we found two more this last week who are really great. Sadly though, there's a pretty big chance that I'll be getting the boot out of this area. Even our members got word that that will probably be the case. They all said something about it yesterday at church. When you're ward members are keeping track of transfer weeks, you can tell they like you... I guess it can go the other way too.

Pretty much my entire mission Ive always just wanted to hit the streets, and just get work done. But I've come to this area, and those things that were great in my other areas sometimes just aren't effective here. Working yourself to the bone can feel great sometimes, especially when you're doing the Lord's work. BUt sometimes it's just not the most effective thing to do. We need to evaluate our situation, and consider the talents we've been given,a nd try to put those to use. I'm still working hard, but I'm having a lot more fun doing it when I approach it that way.

Ok, everyone, be safe. It will be transfer calls next week. Everyon let me know how youve been.

I won't get to see General Conference until this weekend. So let me know what talks you enjoyed. I've never been more excited for general conference in my life.

Love you all,

Elder Reyes

Week 64

In Week 64, Elder Reyes was surprised with the news that our sister-in-law, Emily, is pregnant! We are all very excited in the Reyes households. The baby is due within the same month Elder Reyes will be coming home. Just in time to become an uncle!