Sunday, 8 January 2012

Week 79

So as expected, Elder Frei and I sadly got torn apart. He's not too far though, we'll actually be getting to hang out today. It was an amazing two transfers. I wasn't really sure how my next companion would be able to live up to that. But my new comp, Elder Lochridge is way cool. We already knew each other pretty well. He's only a couple transfers younger than me. He plays guitar as well,  so now we have 4 guitars floating around the house. We rearranged things even more, and the house looks pretty amazing!

We had a pretty busy week thanks to the stuff we got set up last week. We found a pretty amazing investigator. Me and Elder Frei met her last sunday, and when we talked to her it seemed she knew quite a bit about our church, but wouldn't say how. When we met with her this past week, she told us that when she was an exchange student in the US, she lived with a mormon family for 6 months and went to church every week. She's pretty active in her own church here, but she's really open to our message, and has such a great outlook on our church members. Super niiiice!

Other cool moves that happened this lt transfers is that Elder Choi and Elder Yoon are serving together. This is the second time that I've had two of my greenies serving together. Better yet, they live in the same house as Elder Warren. So 3 people I served with all in the same house. So cool. They came down to hang out and are actually all around me emailing right now too, as a matter of fact!

Things are about to get really busy. We've kinda more legitimately devoted ourselves to both wards now. Before we were primarily just working with the Korean ward, but there's a lot of work to be done in the English branch as well. They'll be bringing in two more Elders next month, so we want things up and running there for when they come in. These last 3 months will definitely be the busiest months of the mish, really excited for it!

-Elder Reyes

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