Sunday, 18 December 2011

Week Unical 76

I'll get to speak to you on the phone this next sunday or monday, so I can keep this one short again. Buuuut, we had an amazing day yesterday that I have to tell you about. We had 3 investigators at church, and the English Branch had a really cool sacrament meeting. I'd never see one like it before, they called it a musical testimony meeting. You go up, ay what you're favorite hymn is, and why, and then the whole congregation sings one of the verses of the hymn. We sang so much my voice was cracking all over the place towards the end of the meeting.

There was a really funny moment when a primary kid came up and said the song he wanted to sing, and then just stood at the pulpit for 30 seconds blankly staring at everyone then exclaiming, "OKAY, can we sing the song ALREADY!" The chorister was cracking up like crazy the entire song cuz of that. It was realy spiritual, and there were some amazing stories behind why people picked those songs.

On saturday we had a big combined Christmas party with the english branch and the Korean ward. There were confused looks of "What the heck is this?" on both ends of the potluck dinner. Most Koreans hate turkey, and most korean food looks not as appetizing as it is, so it was quite funny to watch. Perhaps the only time its ok to lie as a missionary is when we had to reassure the kids that, "Yes, of course that is the real Santa Clause." "He said your name wrong because that is what our name is in spanish." Worked like  charm.

It's been freakishly cold lately, luckily though there hasn't been any snow. At least any that has stuck anyway. I've been gathering some gifts for you guys, but it'll be too late for christmas, and I may just hold on to em till I get back to save on shipping, especially now that some people (won't name names) are on the east coast, getting an edjumacation or whatever...College boy!

Oh, last night we got into  fender bender when we were with Elder Wilcox's parents. They had us and Elder Eisenhaur over for dinner, and when they were dropping us off at our houses, Bother Wilcox may or may not have hit a wall after Elder Frei accidently told him to go the wrong way down a one way street. Fun times. Everyone couldn't help but just laugh it off. Great ride home. haha Even with a huge gash on the side of Sister Wilcox's van.

Ok, I'll save other stories for later. love you all. Talk to you in a week or less!

-Elder Reyes

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