Sunday, 11 December 2011

Week 75 Cent Chicken Wings

I don't have too much time on here. I was busy trying to upload photos to send send in for the Christmas conference we have coming up next week, and it kept bugging out. So i ate up a ton of time doing that. I want to get outta here quick, too, because it'll be Elder Eisenhaur's last P-day. He's getting honorably released because he needs surgery on his ankle. I'll be losing my best friend in the mish the day after our Christmas Conference. I'm pretty torn up about it, but his ankle is totally jacked, and the doctors are giving him the boot back home. We would have been going home at the same time. It's crazy, I was there when he broke his ankle, and it was by lightly jogging over to a soccer ball. Ya never know what kinda crazy stuff will happen to your body.

This week was amazing. I went to one of the best sacrament meetings that I'd been to in forever. A man spoke of his conversion story, and about how his jewish family disowned him, and 10 years after serving his mission in the Philippines, there was finaly a reconciliation. His parents have now been to all his kids missionary farewells, and all that. Pretty amazing stuff. When his Dad asked him why he was gonna serve a mission (pretty much a year exactly after he was baptized), he told him "Dad, when you know something is true. You have to share it with other people."

I feel so lucky to have parents who didn't just support my decision, but shaped me and prepared me all my life to serve a mission. The only opposition I faced was snot nosed kids bad mouthing me on music blogs. lol

I've gotten a chance to really get some good bonding time with our investigators lately. We have some really amazing ones. It helps when they are member referrals. It makes the process so much easier, and it just really gives opportunities for them to feel the spirit. Too many stories to tell from this past week, and not enough time. I'll be getting to speak with you on the phone soon, so I can afford to keep this short.

Ok, love you all! Work out a time for me to call.

-Elder Reyes

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