Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 73

I've got an entire day of making kim chee ahead of me. We have a big service project that half the mission is going to, called kim jong. This is the time of the year  where Koreans make pretty much all of the kimchee they will eat the next year. Crazy stuff. I didn't get to go last year because I lived too far away from Seoul. I've gotta be outta here real soon, so LUCKILY.... I recorded a few audio journals to fill you in on what's been going on here.

The biggest news though, I have to write too. We had a baptism this past Saturday. It was by far the best baptismal service I've seen in Korea. It was amazing. So spiritual, big turnout... lots of tears. Also, one of our other investigators came out to the baptism, and to church the next day, and we set up a date for her as well.

We also had thanksgiving... it was a blast, I ate myself into a coma.

Ok, enjoy the recordings. Sorry I have to be brief. Elder Frei and I played "Love at Home" for the baptism. Maybe I'll record it this week so you can hear it.

Love you all... and I want to see pics from thanksgiving!

-Elder Reyes

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