Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 72

Happy late birthday to Josh,happy early b-day to Auntie Cecile. And Gizelle is around this time too right... or did I miss that. I'm a bad cousin/nephew... sorry.

The cough didn't go away and I went to the hospital. It was actually the same hospital that I was at last Christmas when I had swine flu... did I tell you it was swine flu yet? I didn't tell you what it was before because I didn't wanna scare ya. But yeah, anyway... my hospital visit was a lot shorter this time. I went in, and I had the same doctor as before. He was excited to see me, and was concerned that I might be coming all the way from Won-Ju. I had to explain that I'm now serving in this area, rotation program, yada yada.

I start explaining how long I've been sick, symptoms I've been having, what medication I've been taking and all that. When I finish he nods his head and says, "Well, I see you've gotten better at Korean." I explain, "Well... it's been almost a year."

I get x-rayed and all that jazz. I thought I was walking around with pneumonia, but my lungs are just fine. Apparently I just have Sinusitus. That gives me a post nasal drip, which I have to cough-up. The kicker is though, that the cough is triggering what may be asthma. That's why it sounds a whole lot more serious than it is when I cough. So I've been on meds for asthma and Sinusitus and I'm almost all the way better.

This week was Stake Conference. It was very special this time because it was a country-wide Stake Conference that President Monson presided at via satellite from SLC. President Monson and Elder L. Tom Perry both gave amazing talks. Most of it centered on stories of people reaching out and rescuing less-actives (the less-active rate here is unbelievably bad :(

He also told a great story about how when he returned from serving as Mission President in Canada, a friend he had called him up and said he wanted to go to the temple and perform a sealing for his family. President Monson exclaimed "You have to be baptized a member of this church first!" The friend responded "Well I already took care of that." President Monson explained that if someone asked him who of his friends was the least likely to accept the church while he was in Canada for three years, he would have named that friend. People can change.

We had a couple of investigators out to the conference. They had a great time. We also started teaching our other members boyfriend. We have so many good investigators. We should be having a baptism at the end of this week if all goes smooth.

I can't believe another six weeks has flown by. Today is transfer calls. I'm pretty confident that Elder Frei and I will both stay though. At least I'm praying for that.

Thanks for everything. Miss and love you all. Happy thankgiving!

-Elder Reyes

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