Monday, 28 November 2011

Week 71

So alright alright alright... now ladies! YEAH!

Remember when that song was playing everywhere nearly every minute of everyday??? I sure do... not want to. So it's been another week that just flew by. And yet another week where we spent the most part of it running around doing errands. We two Zone Conferences at our building, and we had to provide the food for them. A lot of trips to Costco and a lot of pizza and chicken bakes were the name of the game.  It feels good to roll out of Costco with pizza boxes stacked taller then me ^^

Believe it or not I'm still under the weather. I cant seem to shake this cough. If its not better by tomorrow we're taking a trip to the hospital. Other than that this week was amazing. We found another family this week. Both Elder Frei and I have never had this many full families to teach before. We also had a bunch of our investigators at church this week. AND, a prospective sister missionary referred her boyfriend to us. So many miracles! The new family we picked up used to live in my last area. They used to attend the English Class there, and remained good friends with one of the missionaries. They have never received the missionary lessons, but are very open to learning.

I met another kid this week on the street who has kept in touch with missionaries. He too never took the lessons, but had a friend that was a member and took him a couple times to our church. When he went to the US to see the sights one of the missionaries he was friends with here drove him around. Its cool to see missionaries still keeping in touch with people even when they didn't become investigators.

We also had a special Stake President meeting with the stake presidency and mission presidency. All the missionaries in our Zone were invited. Some pretty heavy things were discussed, and it was just funny to see the confused looks on all the faces of the young missionaries who had no idea what was going on. That was me not too long ago.

Ok, spiritual advice of the week. While your getting ready in the mornings, have a Conference talk on in the background. It'll make your day. I promise. Just put em on ur iPod or computer, it takes like 2 seconds, then you'll be able to start your mornings right.

Alright, love you all!

Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

-Elder Reyes

PS: Polaroid stopped making those instant pics right? I don't know if its big over there or not, but here there are tons of companies now making Polaroid type cameras and films. It's starting to get big here again. Polaroid is probably kicking themselves.

And contrary to the song, your not supposed to shake the photo, it actually smears the colors.

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