Monday, 17 October 2011

Week 67

Alright. Transfer calls came and I got the boot. I was really torn up to leave that area, and especially the friends I was living with, but I have been sent to greener pastures. I've been sent to the best area in the mission by far. It's called Yeoung Dum Po. Not sure how it's really spelled in English but that's how it sounds in Korean. This is the place I called you from last Christmas in the Hospital.

Another great thing about serving here is I get to serve with Elder Frei. He's in some of the MTC pics I sent home before. We're Zone Leaders over this stake. Elder Frei is the first companion close to my age in the mission that I've gotten to serve with. The closest before Elder Frei was my trainer, who trained me in his 5th transfer, and my first greenie, whom I trained in my 5th transfer. Anyone else I've served with was older or younger in the mission than that. We're both excited to learn from each other. It's a safe bet that we are the best non-Korean speakers in the mission right now. We have strengths in different areas of the language, and we've been making leaps ahead this past week with our language study. So amazing.

This ward is the best. I heard it in the MTC, and I've heard it my whole mish. Remember that panoramic picture I sent of Seoul? That was from this apartment that I am living in now. 23rd floor. I've only got 4 transfers left, so I will probably finish out my mission here.

Another great perk, is that our church building is the biggest structure our church owns in all of Asia. It's massive! And it has a full size basketball court.

Another great thing: Elder Frei received a voice recorder this week. So we've been recording daily voice journals on it. If we figure it out, we'll get those posted up today. Now you won't have to miss a thing that happens!

Amazing miracles here. I explain em all in the recordings. If we cant figure it out I'll send em next week.

Ok, love ya all.

-Elder Reyes

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