Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Week 68

Okay, I was sick most of this week so I will apologize for not being able to make any new recordings for you all. I've been pretty out of it, especially the last half of the week. I'm not exactly sure what i got, but it had me in bed most of the day. I will be making a bunch of recordings for you this week, including the song I wrote for the last conference we had.

Other than me being sick, this week was great. We found a bunch of good potentials, got our hands on a couple of more guitars, and have a baptismal date set for next month with one of our investigators. We'll be starting guitar classes here soon. We told most of our single adults about it and they are all really excited. Like Elder Frei said, "Everyone deep down wants to know how to play guitar." My comp is also picking it up as well. I got my hands on another electric that a member who moved to America left here. I finished fixing up the intonation yesterday and it sounds great. We also got another acoustic from another area in our zone that I'll be fixing up for Elder Frei.

The other day one of our ward members ran a 10k. She told us she'd have no one to cheer her on, so she asked if we could meet her at the finish line. We thought it'd be a little event, but it turns out there was a massive endless flood of people who also ran the race. We guestimated there was 10,000 people there... We were WAAAAY off. The were over 2 million people who participated in the race. It was a Nike event called "We Run Seoul." They had fireworks and everything. It was nuts.

You'd think the streets, buses, and subways would be at a standstill, but there seemed to be only slightly more people around. Seoul is a busy place always, so what is an extra 2 million??? It honestly didn't feel that different.

I'm having so much fun out here. Elder Frei and I are hoping to get to stay together next transfer too. Next transfer contains all three big holidays, Thanksgiving. Christmas, and New Years. It's gonna be a blast.

Speaking of holidays, Halloween is coming up. There was nothing in Korea for it last year, but this year they have tons of Halloween stuff everywhere! Weird how that's starting to catch on here.

Ok, love you all. I'll get those audio recordings going again. Let me know how you've all been! Let Adam know I say happy b-day as well!

-Elder Reyes

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