Sunday, 9 October 2011

Week 65

First off, Happy early birthday wishes to dad. Be sure to send e pics, and all that fun stuff.

Also, it's a holiday today, so our normal email places are closed. I;m standing in a department store, writing this email, and I'm not sure if they'll kick us off these things. So I may have to be brief.

It's been pretty nice and cold. And this week will be the last week I can proselyte outside without my suit jacket for the rest of my mission. Scary thought. I'm having a pretty great time right now. We've got investigators, and we found two more this last week who are really great. Sadly though, there's a pretty big chance that I'll be getting the boot out of this area. Even our members got word that that will probably be the case. They all said something about it yesterday at church. When you're ward members are keeping track of transfer weeks, you can tell they like you... I guess it can go the other way too.

Pretty much my entire mission Ive always just wanted to hit the streets, and just get work done. But I've come to this area, and those things that were great in my other areas sometimes just aren't effective here. Working yourself to the bone can feel great sometimes, especially when you're doing the Lord's work. BUt sometimes it's just not the most effective thing to do. We need to evaluate our situation, and consider the talents we've been given,a nd try to put those to use. I'm still working hard, but I'm having a lot more fun doing it when I approach it that way.

Ok, everyone, be safe. It will be transfer calls next week. Everyon let me know how youve been.

I won't get to see General Conference until this weekend. So let me know what talks you enjoyed. I've never been more excited for general conference in my life.

Love you all,

Elder Reyes

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