Monday, 8 August 2011

Week Dad's Car is a 57

K, so I just got to read all of your responses about coming home the early transfer. Thanks for responding. I am definitely leaning more towards coming home the early transfer. I need to let the mission know within this or the next transfer. It hasn't quite hit me clearly what I need to do, it may be one of those questions the Lord is leaving up to me to weigh more options and think it through more before I get clear a response. But someone pointed out something about coming home in late March...  I could attend General Conference. But here's what I would like to do... attend as a family! I don't know if James would be able to make it down, but I would love it if we could get most of us there. I also don't know if Josh has seen the SLC Temple, and those other sites. I know it was a great experience for Ryan and Oren when we went as a band.

If my memory serves me correct I don't think the entire family has been together in Utah since we moved to CA. This last Conference absolutely gave me goosebumps, it was so good. I would like to have that Spiritual feast as a family. There would obviously be a lot of mission friends I'd be able to have you meet as well. By far the strongest I've felt the Spirit so far on my mission was in the MTC when Elder L. Tom Perry walked into the room. Elder Bishoff, who was sitting next to me, and I felt like we had been hit by a brick wall, it was so strong for both of us.

It's still raining like crazy, and the wind is really starting to kick in. Part of my umbrella broke on the way over to this email place. This last week, we got a lot of rest on my Mission President's counsel that me and my companion need to recover fully before going out in this weather.

The weather was perfect for a Forest Conference we had in Seoul, though. It wasn't so much a forest as it was a giant park in the middle of Seoul ( you usually can't see 40 story buildings the next block over in actual forests). We did a bunch of outdoor activities, but the best activity wasn't physical. We had to write letters to ourselves that we'd get at the last day of our missions. I've done this exercise a few other times before, but this time they asked us to write down one thing we want to give up that is distracting us from mission work. A lot of people put down music, following or playing sports or thinking about what school they want to go to, thinking too much about marriage, etc.

The two things that stuck out to me were of course music and movies. I thought about it for a little bit but I couldn't choose those things. That's how I connect with almost every person I meet. So I thought about it more. And the thing I wanna give up is fear. Sometimes I write my fear off as an urge to be lazy, and of course I don't follow that urge. I never get nervous but fear and nerves are different things to me. Since playing all those shows, I just don't feel the physical effects of nerves anymore. But those same thoughts still run through my head as it does any other person. But I know I need to eliminate those things from my thoughts in order to more effectively do this work.

As we were coming home from the conference I thought about how movies aren't that big of a distraction. I remember last year, freaking out when I realized I was missing Comic-Con. It didn't even dawn on me this year. Then on all the TV's in the Subway there was a 5 minute report on Comic-Con.... shoot!

Ok, I've got a full week ahead of me of craziness. I'll be working in some crazy weather. Love you all, and let me know what you think about Conference for April next year. ALSO...

Happy 2 year Anniversary to Hill and James, and a Happy early B-Day wish to Issa!

-Elder Reyes

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