Sunday, 21 August 2011

Week 58

Ok, I have to confess I've been really bad on journal writing. But I definitely don't want to forget those small but funny moments on my mission. I don't know if it's just the middle months of the mission but a lot of other Elders tend to do this. But I've started writing down funny quotes other people say in my planner. It makes me laugh to look at em. I'm pretty good at remembering this kinda stuff, but I'm sure when I look at these old planners in twenty years I'll be glad I wrote em down. I just started, but here's a few:

"Me and my old companion helped out that man when a buch of frozen chickens fell out of their delivery truck. He was a really nice guy... But don't eat there Elder, they use chickens that fell on the floor." Elder Madsen

"Do you think Moses was ripped?" Elder Bailey
They were wandering around the desert for 40 years. I'm sure he got in some good cardio.

"Do I need to tell President that I'm getting physical therapy from a smokin hot Korean lady?"

That's still a rule Elder.
- " No it's not, I asked the AP's when I was passing off."
I'll call 'em right now, it's a rule.
- "Fine, call."
(30 seconds later...)
Yup. Still a rule.

This one is from a while ago but it still makes me laugh:
"I just keep getting crappy companions. I had so much hope for this transfer"
- Who were you expecting to get paired up with? A magical Elf?

Ok, anyway. Something else I just started was writing down little parts of my Patriarchal blessing in my planner. Part of it is a reminder that I must live worthy to receive that particular blessing, and part of it is a reassurance that I have already seen that blessing, or I have that gift, and that I should be using it to bless the people around me.

This last week flew by. I had some really Spiritual experiences on an exchange I went with with one of the Elders in my district. It was amazing. I recommend looking up the Mormon Message, that uses part of a talk from President Hinckley about two boys and finding a man's shoes.

Ok, I've gotta run. Lemme know how everyone is doing!

Love you all!
-Elder Reyes

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