Saturday, 6 August 2011

Week Fitty Sick

Me and da letter dat looks like an upside down 4 ain't been getting along so I aint goin be usin it no more. The letter "x" is just collateral damage.

Ok, not really... but,

I don't know if it's been on the news there, but it's been raining like CRAAAZY out here. We've been fine here in Incheon. I mean everything you wear and carry gets soaking wet because it's raining up-ways, sideways and right through your umbrella, but we can at least leave the house. In Seoul, I heard there was some pretty bad flooding, and some missionaries couldn't leave their apartment. Worst of all there have been many deaths due to mudslides in the more rural areas. I don't know the damage everywhere, I just catch bits in pieces in restaurants and during taxi  rides. But I assure you we're just fine.

My companion is still under the weather so he hasn't been feeling great, but we were able to get a lot of work done, and get in touch with some other inactives. Other than that, being outside isn't the best thing. Not that we aren't out there though. Sometimes the rain actually works in our favor. We've been hitting a lot of bus stops and places that have a little bit of cover lately to talk with new people.

I had a pretty significant experience with this weather. We were at the top of a subway station after it had rained pretty much all day.  The clouds began to clear to reveal the sun setting down. I don't know what it was, but the sky looked amazing. And as I went from person to person, introducing the Book of Mormon, I just had to keep looking at the sky. As I finished talking to one person, and as I was about to talk to another I just stood there frozen, at a loss for words to describe the scene before my eyes. The deeper I stared, the more beautiful it became. Not because the sky itself was so amazing to look at, but the scene inside myself, and the realization of my own nothingness and God's greatness overwhelmed me. "God is all powerful," I thought to myself. "He created all this, and more that my eyes have not, and could not see during my time here on earth." Then the Spirit filled me, and whispered, "and that God is with you." After that, never had I had less fear about talking to people, or doing this work. That day seemed to fly by.

One of the most important moments on my mission is realizing and admitting to myself and God, that I can do nothing. But even more important is knowing and acting with the knowledge that with God, you can do anything.

"If God be for us, who can be against us?" -Romans 8:31 

I hope all is well. Le me know how you've been doing!

Love you all,
Elder Reyes

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