Sunday, 21 August 2011

Week The 59 Sound...on my grandmother's radio

Alright, my comp is still under the weather. It's been a little hard, there's so much work to do here but we've had to cancel a lot of activities. It's weird how being cooped up in a house wears me out more than pounding the streets. I hope I keep that feeling after the mish. I need to be doing something productive, or else I get pretty antsy. I'll tell you what though... the house is really clean.

Ok, anyway, we were able to visit a lot of members. And I've been having a great time getting to know there backgrounds in the church, or how they met missionaries. It's pretty amazing stuff. The weather is starting to be a little more normal lately. With all the rain, not one day felt as hot as two months straight of heat last year. We lucked out this summer.

I've got a bit of running around to do, so I'll just some a couple quotes with you, and then I have to be on my way.

"Who said that?"
-"You did."
"Oh, yeah."

Me to an American English teacher I talked to at a bus stop:
-What are you doing in Korea?
"You can probably guess what I'm doing."
-You're eating a hot delicious bagel from Dunkin Donuts...
"Ok, well, I guess that's what I'm doing RIGHT now. haha, I'm an English teacher."

-How did that contact go Elder?
"He told me to, 'go away. I'm not done preparing.'"

Issa's b-day bash looked like fun. Thanks for sending me pics. I'm gonna try and send out Issa's and Mom's b-day gifts in one package today.

Ok, Love you all!
-Elder Reyes

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