Sunday, 29 May 2011

Week 47

So we had our medical Zone Conference this past week so we spent another half a week out of our area. During the Conference me and Elder Choi both saw the doctor. I've had this knot in my back for forever, and after a whole lot of "does this hurt? how bout this? put your arm up. how about that?", they determined what I told them... it's just a massive knot. Elder Choi on the other hand was able to be helped when the doctor's freaked out that he has done three sets of antibiotics over the last three months. Not good. That is what is making him sensitive to the sun, and giving him migraines.

Ok, so while in Seoul, a Korean with a very thick Australian accent started speaking to the big group of missionaries we had for our P-day in Seoul. He started asking us where we're from, and he thought we were part of some youth camp. But the second he saw Jesus Christ on our name tags he turned into one of the most bitter and out of control people I've ever talked to in my life. The Smart Alec in me wanted to lay him out verbally (i'm quite skilled in the ways of the comeback), but the missionary in me just fielded his nonsensical attacks with testimony.

It still gets you heated though. And I relieved the bad mojo of the experience by imitating him the whole subway ride. Ok, he may or may not have been pretty close while I did it... I will repent.

When we got back to  Won-Ju we were able to meet with some new investigators, and with a couple of our progressing investigators. There is a mother and daughter we teach and the daughter is more than ready to get baptized. I don't think I've come across a more well-prepared investigator... and she's only 11!!! She reads the scriptures on her own, and prays on her own and has a real testimony. It's amazing. but the mom is still struggling with her faith, and wants that same confirmation. She feels it woul be better if they were both able to join the Church together. So we need to help her gain that same assurance.

The Branch is still progressing well. The To the Rescue Program is still going strong and we had several meetings about how to implement more phases of the plan we established. It's so amazing to see the branch flower like this.

Ok, I have some pictures I should be able to send next week. I hope everyone is doing great.

Mom, thanks so much for the package and recipes. I think this is the biggest bottle of vanilla extract i've ever seen. M&M pretzels.... yes. Where have they been all of my life? Thanks for all the other goodies. Elder Park is gonna go candy crazy if he ever comes to America. He loves it.

Love you all, bye!

-Elder Reyes

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