Monday, 6 June 2011

Week 48

Hey, transfer calls were last night and I'm finally getting the boot out of WonJu. It's bittersweet. I've spent 5 transfers here, trained  4 greenies, and froze my butt off during the winter months in the mountains of WonJu to get pulled away right before summer starts and thrown back in to the heat of Seoul... I can't wait!!!

I'm getting moved to a place called Ju An . It's in Incheon Stake. So I think I'll be right by the sea.  I'll at least get some nice breezy nights. Apparently, the ward is  amazing. One of my friends was just there. The house I'm moving into is a four-man house that we share with another set of Elders. One of those Elders will be Elder Eissenhaur!!!! You spoke to him on the phone at Christmas. He was the one who stayed with me in the hospital.

I really can't wait. I've spent so much time training new missionaries I was kind of excited to maybe get to serve with someone around my age. But I'm getting paired up with a 4th transfer companion named Elder Fowers. Apparently he's some genius who graduated BYU at age 18. I actually trained his MTC group already. But I'm excited to get to live with Elder Eissenhaur. Even though he wont be my comp, we'll get to do a lot together.

I got to go on a hike/picnic with a lot of the branch members yesterday, so it was a good way to spend my last day in WonJu. I'm way behind on pictures to send you. I have some amazing ones from the hike yesterday.

It says in Preach My Gospel to leave your area better than you found it. I feel comfortable and at ease as I  account to the Lord for my work that I left this area better than when I came in. Of course, much more skilled missionaries came before me, but i did what I could do, to the best of my abilities and I was able to see a lot of miracles.

Maybe we don't always understand how we are making a difference. It can be especially hard if you are trying to compare your work to others'. But as we use and develop the gifts that the Lord has given to us, we can make the place we are in, better than we found it. Maybe not exactly the way we wished, but in the way and for the reason the Lord suffered us to come to that place. Whether that place be a new ward, a new job, or at a new school on the other side of the country...

Love you all,
Elder Reyes

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