Monday, 23 May 2011

Week 46

Running around Seoul for a few days wipes me out like none other. I had a couple days of training in Seoul and some fun times with some of my fellow missionaries. I guess the missionaries in the MTC are being taught completely different than we were, and their focus has changed, so we are having to prepare the whole mission on focusing on that new curriculum being taught. Exciting... I know.

Ok, so I had a long overdue visit to the doctors to tell him that the medicine he gave me didn't do anything and I'm still suffering from allergies. He didn't have the tools to test me so he sent me elsewhere. The new doctor shot a bunch of air and water up my nose. The flood gates opened up and I went on a sneeze attack as soon as he did that. Apparently I have a reeeeeally sensitive nose. The pollen make my nose go crazy, and the weather is what is making everything else go bad; ears,eyes, throat etc. Well not really etc., those are it. Anyway... He gave me a bunch of meds and every single one is supposed to make me drowsy. He said to take it easy and said to wear a mask at all times possible.

Despite the hospital visits, and Elder Park spraining his ankle while walking( he's the most uncoordinated person I know), we were able to get a lot of work done.

Best part of the wek though was getting my package from James and Hill! I had to lug it around Seoul, but it was worth it. Thanks for all the goodies. I thought Elder Park's brain was gonna explode when I gave him smores. He is a fiend for them now. And that licorice is amazing too. Trader Joe's never fails. I also got a b-day card from Adam and Leona. It plays the song "Wipeout", which brings back memories of church talents shows, but it's also a good way to wake up my companions.

Oh, I've also finally been able to use and perfect using the Root Beer extract from President Morgan and it's AMAZING! So good, way better than the McCormick stuff. I don't think I can go back to the regular store bought stuff now.

Sorry I don't have all the details from this week to give you now, we're heading to Seoul again for another three days for Temple and Zone Conference so we've got a lot to take care of. Love you ALL!

-Elder Reyes

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