Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Week 16 in Korea

Ok, I have so many pictures to email you but not nearly enough time. With the temple today and taking care of some other things, I've only got about half an hour... but here's what's happened this last week.

It went from burning hot, to brisk, back up to warm, and then yesterday it... I don't know what. In the morning it was fine, and then within a couple of hours it was frigid cold. I have two scarves, but I was on exchanges so I just ended up buying some cheap one. The weather here can turn on  a dime. The wind felt like knives. But now I'm all snuggled up since I was able to stop by the house.

One of our investigators, Lee Hyun Su got baptized on Saturday! His step-son also was baptized!!! I baptized Lee Hyun Su, the first baptism I've had where I did the "dunking." My companion baptized his son. It was a little intimidating, because our mission president and the stake presidency was there because we had a big missionary event in our ward for the entire day leading up to the baptism. But I was able to do it first try. I thought I was going to drop him! He's taller than me and he's got a bit of girth. Putting him into the water was fine, getting him out was a struggle. The spirit was so strong, and another area's Elders brought out two of their investigators to watch the baptism... they got their baptismal interviews right after the service!

On Sunday he received the Holy Ghost and was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. HE was on cloud nine the rest of the day. He wants to baptize his biological son and daughter as well. He brought them both to the baptismal service and to sacrament meeting. He also told us that since he stopped drinking and smoking, his younger brothers who picked up the habit from him growing up have started to cut back, and he really wants to share the gospel with them. It's so amazing, I could see and feel the difference in him after he received the Holy Ghost. He has new life in him... a constant companion watching over him and guiding him. Now we're preparing him to receive the priesthood. His family, especially his wife, are the perfect support system for him.

I saw and was able to teach some amazing well prepared people this week, but I don't have time to give you all the details. Maybe next week. All I can say, is miracles are happening all around. It's truly humbling.

-Elder Reyes

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