Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Week 17 in Korea

I thought this week would just fly by, with exchanges on Monday, Temple/P-Day on Tuesday, and District meeting on Wednesday. But alas, (that's right, I said alas) it went by really slow.

That's just what happens though. But as I look back, things seem fast. I'll hit my 6 month mark in country at the beginning of next year. They say that's when you really begin to understand and speak the language. At times I feel I'm not progressing in speaking, but I'm able to understand a lot more. Other times, I feel completely comfortable speaking. It just depends on the situation, I guess. But either way, it's fun and scary.

The scariest thing is the mission itself is going through some big changes. My MTC group was the first group to come into the combined Seoul/Seoul West mission. And they're really pushing my group to "pass off" (the program that allows you to become a senior) by the end of this transfer... a.k.a next week. Apparently the mission is gonna get waaay more new elders than we have trainers for, so they want us on our own (same age missionaries together), and perhaps even training! That would be rough. Haha!

I was talking to some elders about our brothers and their missions. It was great getting to talk about James in Russia. As I was explaining how cold it was, the months of no sunlight, and the months of only sunlight, not to mention a stolen identity, all of us Elders realized how easy we have it here in Korea. People can be jerks, yes. But at least there aren't crooked cops or the mafia to deal with. The only thing we have to deal with is all of our food in the fridge smelling like Kimchee.

And when people are mean, or people don't come to appointments, I can understand why missionaries get discouraged. But I don't mind at all. Every minute we spend with a person who isn't prepared, is a minute we've lost in finding and teaching people who are.

I feel that applies to life after and before the mission as well. I felt that way about school (sorry Mom.) I felt is this what I'm supposed to be doing. Where will this lead me. Then eventually in the band I felt the same way, that same uneasiness. Every minute I wasn't preparing myself to go on a mission, and to do the Lord's work felt like a waste. There's always good, and there's even better. But when you align your will with the Lord's... it's the best.

-Elder Reyes

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