Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Week 6

Last Tuesday Elder Chistofferson spoke at the Devotional. That's 3 Apostles in less than 5 weeks!!!!! And we'll at least get two more, since there is new Mission President training later this month. Hearing an Apostle of the Lord speak is quite the Spiritual treat. I wish I was faster at writing notes, but the impressions the Holy Ghost leave on me, stay with me forever.

The language is coming along great. Our branch President's wife, Sister Shin, is amazed at the fact that our District actually sounds Korean... (unlike the older District that left last week). We truly do have the cream of the crop speakers here as teachers. I taught my first lesson last Saturday ENTIRELY in Korean. It wasn't perfect by any means, but we can teach important truths in another language... that's a blessing from God in and of itself.

Next week, we'll be getting some ACTUAL Korean investigators coming in. So one of the companionships in our District will get a chance to share the gospel with someone who is seeking out for the fullness of Christ's Gospel (though they may not realize that is what they have been searching for).

Wish I could have seen Joey when he was up here, I was sorry to hear the Paur family was sick. But it's best that I've only seen other missionaries that are familiar faces.

Elder Jamison, who went to Glendale 7th, is leaving tomorrow for Tulsa, OK, and I got to show him a picture of Conrad on his Mission there. I got to say goodbye to Elder Holbrook, the Elder from Colorado who was is TA fan, and sign a Time Again t-shirt he had before he left. He kept yelling out "Best punk band in 10 years" while I was signing it. I gave him a TA beanie that I had, too.
I signed his shirt, "The [Book of Mormon] Stories Are True."

My love and prayers go out to all of you. Get along please, take care of each other.

-Elder Reyes

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