Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Week 7

Dear family,

This has literally been the busiest week of my life!!!!! My companion and I have more than twice the amount of missionaries to look after than the previous Zone Leaders.

Wednesday night, the first night the 34 new elders arrived, 2 of them were lost for close to 2 hours. The next day, 2 missionaries locked themselves out of the room, and that night 6 of them got lost on a way to a meeting that was just across the hall from where we just had dinner! But by day 3 it was smooth sailing. The glazed over, confused, overwhelmed and homesick eyes have been replaced by the eyes of spiritually uplifted Elders who are confident in the Lord.

Saturday night, my companion and I had a 2 hour meeting with them, and I challenged them to gain a testimony of their calling to Korea/CA/NY (all Korean Speaking), and to gain a testimony of their companion, and their District. I told them that without these things, their experience at the MTC would be miserable. This past Sunday was Fast and Testimony Meeting, and many of them bore some amazing testimonies that they knew why they were with their particular companions, and how strengthened they've been by their Districts. Everyone is really getting along great! It's quite strange for so many missionaries to be asking you so many questions, and it's amazing that I'm able to answer them.

It has been such a role reversal being accountable for so many people, when all of my life before, I was always the youngest or one of the youngest -- every job I've had, the band, and of course in the family.

I've really been blessed though, even with all the new responsibilities, and the 4 extra meetings on Sundays, I am able to keep up with my studies. This past Saturday, we taught the first lesson again entirely in Korean. It was amazing, it flowed so well, not one awkward silence, or stupor of thought. And we were able to ask 3 times as many questions this time around, share more scriptures, and elaborate on the doctrine.

One of the new districts watched us teach the lesson (the role playing rooms are hooked up with cameras and mics so the teachers can evaluate), and their "minds were blown." I feel that seeing that we were able to teach so smoothly, that it has really built up their confidence... even though they were still struggling with the alphabet when they watched us. It's amazing how much you can learn in 6 weeks, with the help of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and faith in the Lord.

I am so grateful that I get to share the restored gospel with the people of Korea!

DearElder.com me to have your emails sent to me through the week.

Elder Reyes

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