Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Week 3

I am now able to read and write a different language with relative ease. But as far as understanding everything I'm reading, I've still got a long way to go. The flashcards we used to learn the Alphabet (so crucial and hard 3 weeks ago), are now down right laughable to look at. The ability to learn so quickly is only accomplished through the power of the Spirit, hard work, and patience.

Even as our teachers are only speaking to us in Korean, it's amazing that we can understand what they are teaching us. It is also great training for listening to the language. Another thing I'm doing is listening to General Conference talks, and then rewatching them with Korean translations. If you'd like to hear how fast the translators speak, and how dizzying of a language it is, you can go to LDS.org and do the same thing... it will give you a headache, I promise you.

After Breakfast this last Sunday, I got stopped in the hallway by an Elder Holbrook, who is from CO. You guessed it... HUGE Time Again fan. He apparently went to a bunch of our shows, and even came up on stage and sang "The Stories Are True" with us. He said he was amazed at how nice I was to him and the rest of the fans. And he said when he found out I was LDS, it made a lot more sense. He's friends with another friend of mine in UT, and he heard that I was in the MTC, so he brought a Time Again t-shirt for me to sign. He also had hoped that we'd get called to the same place, so that we could be companions. I told him, "Well, Korea and Montana are pretty far away from each other, we'd have to ask our mission Presidents."

I am so grateful to have so much time to prepare myself in the language, but more so, in studying the Gospel. The resources here are amazing. I've learned so much about simplifying lessons, and in turn have gained a better understanding of the Doctrine by doing so. Listening to the words of modern-day Prophets, and being with people who are motivated by all the same things you are, is so humbling.

Having James' scriptures has been another blessing. It's like retracing the steps of his mission, knowing what he was thinking, getting insights from him when he was being inspired by the Spirit. I would like very much to be able to do that with Dad's scriptures as well. I vividly remember how dad would highlight and perfectly underline passages. What were the scriptures that converted him? Answered his questions about the gospel???? I suggest one of the siblings find those, and do that.

I love you all, but I don't have the time to miss you :)

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