Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Week 4

I wish my P-days were the day after MTC devotionals, instead of having them after I'm able to e-mail you. Just like a couple of weeks ago, right after I was done emailing you last week, we were able to listen to an Apostle of the Lord. Two Apostles in three weeks is a pretty amazing perk here at the MTC.

Last Tuesday, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke at devotional. He is known to be one of the most powerful (and blunt) speakers, and last week was no different. I wish I could've counted the amount of times he slammed his hand on the pulpit, but I was too busy taking notes (4 pages worth). Only with a man with that much authority, and that guided by the Spirit could make such a BOLD talk come off so loving and warm.

"You need to come home with at least one convert, and it better be you!"

"You don't have the right to compromise what an LDS Missionary is supposed to be."

Even after BEASTING all the missionaries in there, about 3,000 or so, he left the room by blowing kisses to everyone.

The language study is coming along great. I now have the ability to teach someone from Korea the proper way to communicate with their Heavenly Father through sincere prayer.

That's where I've had my sights set for a while, and I can't wait to use what I know out in the field,
and help people build a relationship with God.

In gospel study we've moved on to the Plan of Salvation. What a marvelous doctrine that I get to share with those who have been prepared to hear it. Families truly can be together FOREVER! And there is a very clear, and loving opportunity for those who didn't have the opportunity to hear the Gospel to learn, and accept the plan of Happiness.

The older District in our Zone is leaving next week. So they called new Zone Leaders this last Sunday. Their main job is to welcome in and help transition the new missionaries into the MTC. The last ZL's had to welcome in 14 new missionaries (myself included). The new Zone Leaders have 34 new missionaries to welcome in and be in charge of...!!!! I feel sorry for them... and by them, I mean my companion and I.

Keep sending those letters/emails through DearElder.com, much easier on me and my limited time here on the comp.

-Elder Reyes

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