Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Week 69 Bottles of Rootbeer on the Wall

So Elder Frei's recorder is on the fritz. We recorded some entries and now it just won't turn on. (Yes, we checked the batteries).

This week was supposed to be the week of rest. We literally planned to let me rest everyday of the week. But something always came up. It seemed like we were busier than we had been. Elder Frei got sick this past Friday, and finally, we got a clear schedule for Saturday and we just shut ourselves in the house and got the very needed rest. I've still got a bit of it, but it's almost gone. And Elder Frei got 100% better.

Such an amazing week. We started teaching one of our investigators guitar and he loves it. And a couple of other members want me to go guitar shopping with them. They've all got the fever... and the only cure is more cowbell.

I got to go onto the US army base out here and it was a blast. One of the Elders in our mission is part of the forces so he can get people on to it. It's literally like stepping into a town in America. All the construction, signs, and shops are exactly how they'd be if I back in the States. It was as if I walked on to a movie set. 

We grabbed ourselves some Subway sandwiches, and as we were in line to pay, a man stepped up and told the cashier, "Put all their food on my card." He was a member from Idaho. I'm guessing Elders serving stateside get this kinda treatment all the time, but it was the first for all of us.

I piled up on some American snacks, and bought a big bottle of Tang drink mix. The great thing is though, we get to go there again today!

Also, for other American experiences: I don't know if I told you that an English branch meets in our same building, but they meet an hour befor eour sacrament meeting. It's weird enough seeing a ton of American kids running around, but there's also a big group of Filipinos that meet and do Gospel Principles in Tagalog. One set of senior missionaries were in charge of that branch, but they leave this week and have no other couple coming in to replace them. So Elder Frei and I are taking over their pool of investigators and will be regularly attending their sacrament meeting.

Yesterday, Elder Frei and I attended a sacrament meeting in English, for the first time in a year and a half. It was pretty surreal. It made us think of our homecomings. lol.

Anyway, we're excited to get to teach some people in English for a change. he next few weeks will be pretty hectic covering two wards, but it'll be worth it.

Ok, love you all. We'll get that recorder fixed and get stuff out to ya!

-Elder Reyes

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