Monday, 9 May 2011

Week San Francisco 49'ers

Just gonna drop a quick line, and wish you a Happy Mother's Day again.

It was great talking with you. I hope you had as much fun as I did. It was really surreal hearing your voices, but it also doesn't seem too long ago that I talked to you during Christmas.

So, last minute reminders. Tell Ryan that I got his package. And Yes, Samoas are like gold... but I scarfed them down like cookies. Tell Jeff Lowe that I miss his English mug. But more importantly that I miss him, and his sense of humor. Also, tell him to say hi to his little girls for me. They are probably taller than me now.

Oh, take any pics at mom's party? Send 'em.

Aaaaaand, here are directions for Elder Choi's suggestions for Korean food in LA:

"Sooo get on the 5 north and then the 118 west and exit Reseda. take a left turn from the exit and head straight down until you hit DEVONSHIRE. make a left and turn right into the small plaza right after the car wash. the restaurant is shik do rak. it's not all you can eat but it's DANK. eat the dduk bo ssam.

for the all you can eat take the 5 north to the 405 south to 101 north and exit white oak. make a right turn. there should be a big Korean market plaza called GREENLAND. the cross streets are white oak and Sherman way i believe. enter the plaza and the restaurant is on the inside of the plaza. it's called yoo sung oak i think. it's all you can eat.

for MY restaurant take the 5 north to the 118 west and exit Tampa. make a left off the exit and go straight until you hit Plummer. make a right on Plummer and then a left on the next light which is Shirley. enter the plaza on your right where there is the DSW and Gelson's market. my restaurant is in between and it's called HYAKUMI. it's not all you can eat.. but i give you permission to eat all that you can eat. tell my parents to put it on my tab."

So there you have it. Love you all.

-Elder Reyes

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