Sunday, 24 April 2011

Week 42 divided by 6 is 7 ...ok i was with 13

Alright, play by play on how the birthday went.
. . . .Sat in a 3 hour training meeting that took me 7 hours to get to and from.
. . . .Taught English Class. Ate with a member afterwards,
. . . . The End.
Ok, it was a little better than that. I went into Seoul a day early for P-Day, and FIIIINALLY got some good (extremely late) b-day gifts for Free and James that I will be sending out today!!!! I got to see Elder Eissenhaur, and we both wished each other Happy Birthdays (his is on the 20th like Hill's). I got to hang out with a lot of my missionary friends for a little bit, and catch up. And the three Angelenos got to spend some time together as well. It was Elder Lee Eugene's last week. My companion had to to some "pass-off" to him because Elder Lee is the AP.
I got a sweeeeet package from the Todd's! With some way cute pics as well, and a great letter. They got me some licorice, they know me well. Got the updates from Mike as well, and I got some good laughs out of that. Finn looks exactly like Morgan, it's scary. Yogurt!
The highlight was Dad's email I got to read on the way to Seoul. He typed out the story of his baptism. So amazing. I have known bits and pieces of it through testimony meetings at church and whatnot. Or from Mom's conversion story, which was at Dad's baptism itself. So it felt amazing to get to read it, and get all those little details that I didn't know before. Thank you so much, Dad. Mom I'd love to hear all events from your side as well!
I get to share great stories about my family all the time. I love Free's testimony of tithing. I talk about it all the time. SO gimme more.
Here's the kicker, though. I called my old area, Siheung to wish Elder Chapman a happy birthday as well. We were in the MTC together, and he was born on the 19th, too. He's from SD, and he told me this time in two years we could be at a Lakers game together. Of course that's not the news.
He told me some great news about Lee Hyun-Su, one of my recent converts in Siheung. Me and my companion baptized him and his step-son. His kids from his first marriage came to the Baptism and i got to spend some time with them. His son and his daughter will be getting baptized next month! It felt so great to hear. Depending on where I am, I'll try to get permission to go.
On the day of my year-mark as a missionary I got another gift. Another greenie.
Seriously. He is from Wonju, but is waiting on his visa for his mission call to London. He is the first Korean ever sent there. So he'll be in Won-ju for the next transfer. 4 greenies in 3 transfers. He is more like a seed though. But it's been a lot of fun. I was only in a threesome for a few days before, and this past week has been great.
Transfer calls are tonight. I'll let you know what happens.
-Elder Reyes
PS, tell Jeff happy b-day for me.

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