Monday, 28 March 2011

Week 38

K, just finished a trip to the dentist. Last week, I was flossing, and POP! I flossed part of a filling right out of my mouth. I finally got to see the dentist today, but here are a couple of weird things. He had bad breath... not a good first sign, it's like seeing a skinny chef, you just can't trust them after that. Then, he didn't use gloves! Wow. Everything else was state of the art, and the place was really nice. I had to shell out a large sum of cash, too. No fun. It looks like Ramen for the next year... oh, wait, that's what I eat already anyway.

Ok, so I'm at the Seoul Mission office, and half of the keys I'm using, I can't see what letter it is. I still type with only a few fingers, so this is hard. Also, my spelling is bad enough as it is. I know it is "i before e accept after c", but I just don't apply it to my spelling. Now matter how many comments I recieve.

My companion is still sick, and we've spent most of the week in the house again. It's a little tough, and Elder Choi feels really bad, but I know how he feels, and it's just not smart to go out in this cold while he's not 100%. It rained/snowed slushies the other day. And it was snowing sideways when we left Won-ju this morning. Somehow, sunny again.

During this time I've been able to tweak out on updating our area map, and other records. And I've gotten in some extra study, too. That extra study came in handy when two of the three speakers yesterday didn't show up at church. I gave an impromptu talk in Korean for the first. I just jotted down ideas in English, and went up there and spoke in Korean. My Korean still isn't great, but I was so happy that I was able to at least make some kind of sense up there. Whenever I have to give a talk, I can always feel myself speaking beyond my abilities.

It's so important to prepare well, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." But sometimes you get a talk thrown in your lap, or sometimes an investigator has a concern that you've never had to resolve before, and you just have to rely on the Spirit. We are so lucky as members of the church to have the opportunity to have the Holy Ghost as a constant companion. I began my talk by saying, "When I teach about the Holy Ghost, it's to investigators, I'm not sure what new light I can shed on this for you."

But the importance of it can be felt in the account of Jesus Christ's ministry to the Nephites.

"Any they did pray for that which they most desired; and they desired that the Holy Ghost should be given unto them." 3 Nephi 19:9

Even though Jesus Christ was among them, they still wanted to have the Holy Ghost. They could feel it's power, testifying that this is the Christ, but without the constant companionship, that testimony can fade.

As members, we need to always strive to be worthy of the Spirit. We need to be actively search for ways, and things that invite it into our lives, and into the lives of others.

-Elder Reyes

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