Monday, 21 March 2011

Week 37

So like I said last week. I thought I'd be leaving 원주 to fulfill some other leadership responsibilities elsewhere, but when the call came, I am staying!!! But sadly Elder Hall left last week, but the funny part is is who he is now serving with... Elder Yoo, my other greenie. So my two "sons" are serving together in Geum Chon. So funny. I don't know if that's ever happened before, especially not for missionaries that young. When I'd tell other missionaries that I'd be staying and who Elder Hall is now serving with they'd ask, "So who's you new companion?" When I'd respond I don't know yet, they'd scream, "No way! Again??????"

I'm training for the third time in a row. I have been in country for 7 transfers, and I have trained for three of those transfers. That's almost half my mission!!!! On Wednesday when we went to transfers, I ran into the AP Elder Lee Yoo-Geen (who is also from LA) he said, "You're getting an interesting new companion." I didn't want to know what he meant by that, but it all made sense soon enough. At trainers training, the only other person who was training for the third time was Elder Hafen, who is going home after this transfer. I haven't even hit my year mark as a missionary, let alone in country! I'm shooting for the trainers high score I guess.

As the greenies started introducing themselves, one Elder stood up and said he was from LA, my eyes darted to Elder Lee, "I see..." Sure enough, when the names were called, the two Elders from LA were put together. His name is Brian Choi, and he is a Korean American, and is fantastic a Korean already which makes it a much easier for me this time around. He plays guitar, and piano, and is waay more legit than I am on it. He's also has some great similar backgrounds with some of our investigators so I am really excited to see how this all turns out. I have such a strong testimony already that we are supposed to serve together.

Sadly he was sick in the MTC, and is still getting over it, so we've had to take it easy this week. But we've gotten a lot of work done at the house.

This mission is nothing but surprises.

James and Free's parties looked like a blast. That's so cool that so many people were in town. I wish I could've been there.

Take care, sorry, most of my time was spent filling out reports. But everyone be safe. And I love the pics. Send more if you got 'em!

-Elder Reyes

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