Thursday, 3 March 2011

Week 34

As I sat slurping noodles with one of our investigators at a little noodle place (it's so small that there is just one big bench in the middle where everybody just sits) close to our church, a man and his family sat down next to me. I had my Book of Mormon face up on the the table (on purpose of course). He gives a glance and asks, "Your missionaries right?" It's just a whole lot of small talk after that but I got to explain why we're here in Korea. He and his family are just giddy because I can speak Korean, and there is just a great Spirit in the air. I asked if he works around this neighborhood and he says yes. I then ask, "What type of work?" His eyes shoot over to his wife, and he let's out a "fun is over" type of sigh, "I'm actually a pastor for The Seventh Day Adventist Church."

I tell him, "That's awesome!" He immediately lightens back up, and we talk some more. He could see that we genuinely love the Korean people, and are here for a good reason. It was just a great experience all around, his family couldn't wipe the smiles off of their faces if they tried. His family was actually moving that weekend, and I asked if it was okay to get his number to give to the missionaries in his new neighborhood. He loved the idea! We went to go pay for our food and say goodbye, and he yells at the waitress, "No, no, we got them!" Super amazing family. I texted him last night, to make sure it was okay to refer him, and he was still willing.

It was a great thing to happen because the day before I had a taxi driver rip on me for no reason. We get in, and the driver says, "Missionaries, huh?" I give the basic, "Yeah, we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." "Can you understand Korean?" He barks, and adds, "Do you know what I am saying right now?"

I reply, "yeah, I can understand you. But I've only been here for 7 months so I don't speak perfectly, of course."

 "How do you teach people? You can't understand them!"

I explain that it's not our job to convince or persuade people, that even if we spoke perfectly, that that wasn't our purpose here. "What's your purpose. I don't understand you." I asked politely, "How do you understand me right now? We are sharing about this book. If you read it, you can know for yourself if it is true or not."

He grabs the book out of my lap, and starts flipping through the pages mumbling to himself, "What is thiiiissss?" He flips to a page and starts trying to read while driving and exclaims, "I don't understand this!" Then throws it back in my lap. I explain to him,

"You were reading the index."

He mumbles something else and drops us off.

Anyway, more things like that happened this week, as they do every week. The weather is going crazy again. It rained all day yesterday, and I realized its a lot easier to get people to stop and talk to you when you have an umbrella blocking their way.

It says in Preach My Gospel, "As you share spiritual experiences in your first meeting, they will recognize you as servants of The Lord."

I'm not suggesting you bear testimony to the McDonald's Drive Thru guy (unless directed by the Spirit to do so), but just take time this week to bear your testimony to someone you already know. Maybe not, "What's on TV tonight. By the way, I know The Book of Mormon is the word of God." But in a more natural setting, and maybe just a miracle you've seen in your life, or a scripture you read that morning. It can change the course of an entire day.

If you have time, email me a miracle you've seen this week!

-Elder Reyes

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