Monday, 31 January 2011

Week 30

Last week I talked about being led by the Spirit without knowing. I know God truly puts us into the places we need to be. Last week, I said my companion lost our phone. And I also explained that we were going to meet an inactive man named Jeoung-Chul that day. How are the two connected?

So  on Monday, after I emailed, we had our usual P-day, shopping cleaning, and writing letters. Jeoung-Chul was the only appointment we had for that night, and he lives so far we really didn't have anything else on the plan. When we were about to grab a taxi, we called him to confirm again, and he said, "Oh, I can't today. I called you last night but you never answered or called back." He called during the time when our phone was in our Branch President's car. We and our district leader made several calls to it so we didn't notice Jeoung Chol's call among the dozen or so of our own.

So we were already half way to the church, and we had a lot of time now, so we decided to call one of the Single adults and ask him if he wants to eat with us. We named a place, and he said he'd meet us at the church first. We hadn't planned on going to the church at all. And if we had gotten Jeoung Chol's call, we would have made other plans elsewhere, or just stayed out of the cold, and call potential investigators.

Anyway, we get into the Church, and WHOA! Water everywhere. The day before, the upstairs pipes were frozen, so they left the heaters on... but they also left the kitchen sink on full blast. The water melted, and the faucet with nothing coming out then, was now spitting out gallons of water, for likely the last 24 or so hours. The water poured downstairs, and filled nearly all the rooms with 2 or 3 inches of water. The back entrance had huge sheets of frozen ice. I was slipping everywhere. We got snow shoves and brooms and just started pushing the water out, thousands of gallons at time. Our friend showed up and helped us, and our branch president came and wet/dry vac'ed the rooms with carpet. We spent the entire night there. As we were shoveling water out it would keep freezing!!!! It was that cold. When we would brake up the ice, and there was a lot of it, it sounded like were were breaking and shoveling glass everywhere. After over three hours of non-stop frantic work we got all the water out, and just had to let everything dry out.

If my companion hadn't left the phone in the car, we would not have been at the church that night. There would have been so much water, that the doors would have completely frozen shut. Everything is fine now, you can't even really tell that there was that much water everywhere.

Ok, so on Wednesday i received another greenie. There were 20 new missionaries. My trainer, was also training again, after four long transfers of being in the office. It was not as surreal as the first time, but it just felt good to be training alongside my trainer.

My streak of four Korean companions ends with my new companion. His name is Elder Hall, from Springville, UT! When they called our names, I yelled, "MY first white companion." Also, he's 6'3"! They put the shortest brown guy with the tallest pale guy. Fun times.

It's the first time I can speak better Korean than my companion since I've come to Korea (for obvious reasons). The branch loves him. Yesterday they all kept ripping on him though, but I think they're just really excited to have another new missionary. They would sarcastically tell him, "Wow! You're really good at English."

It's been a bit of a whirlwind for his first week. We've had someone take us to lunch or dinner everyday since he's been in Korea. And we have another one today too. We saw a man eat it on a bicycle his second day. And we saw a man get nailed while riding a scooter... DON'T worry, we helped them. But it's pretty scary.

It weird not having that crutch, or that reassurance that there's someone next to you who speaks the language perfectly. It's now a couple of really young missionaries together, but I know that because we are on the Lord's errand, we our entitled to the Lord's help.

-Elder Reyes 

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