Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Week 23

Ok, First off. Thank you sooooo much for the Thanksgiving package. I just got it this past Wednesday. Please thank President Morgan for me as well. I haven't been able to make the root beer yet, but I'm excited to.

My breakfasts have consisted of Nutella sandwiches, and finally my tea has honey in it. I gave gummy bears to one of our investigators, and it practically exploded his brain. Thank you so much Mom for putting all that together, I know only you would buy that many different kinds of honey.

OK, a couple of other things:

Beginning Jan 1st 2011, the new address for packages will be:

Elder Elijah Reyes
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Korea Seoul Mission
Samcheoung-No 9 g:145
Seoul-si 110-230
South Korea

Secondly, I will be calling home on Christmas day here in Korea, so it will be Christmas eve in the states. I don't know what time exactly yet. But pick out a time when you can all be together for me to call. And I'll try to work to that. Let me know.

Ok, so here's what happened this week. But I have to back up to last week, Saturday, when we "grabbed and pulled" a man to the church. We were walking and we saw a man and said 'Hi' to him, and explained that we're missionaries. He said, "From that church right there?" We said "Yeah, do you want to come and see it?" He shook his head 'no', and said, "Yeah, ok."

We taught him about the restoration, and he seemed to like it. But when we tried to set up a return appointment, and get his phone number... he kindly refused. We taught a great lesson, and the Spirit was really strong, so I was disappointed that he didn't want to meet again.

Flash forward to this past Wednesday. We're in the middle of our District meeting and the man calls! He wants to take us out to dinner. Miracle. But first, before we can meet him...

My Zone leader, Elder Hatfield, and I go on exchanges that day since he had to interview our Baptismal candidate, Gun-ha. So we rush back to my area, and we pick up Gun-ha and take him to the church. He's been so excited to get baptized. He's a rowdy 13 year old, and he loves learning about the Gospel. He won't pay attention to anything you say, or behave for anything else. But the second you start teaching about the Gospel, he's as attentive and behaved as a juror in a courtroom. On the cab ride back to the Church he asks, "Wait, so what's repentance again? Ok, what's 1 tenth of our income again?" we say, "You mean tithing?" He excitedly yells "Yeah, I'm so ready for this."

We get to the church, and Gun-ha clears a table, slams his fists on the table and tells Elder Hatfield, "Let's start. I'm ready." After the interview, Gun-Ha runs out and gives me a hug, "REEEEEEYES!" Elder Hatfield says, "he wants you to be the one to baptize him by the way." Gun-Ha, so amazingly prepared.

Ok, afterward. We meet the man from Saturday. It turns out he looked up our church online. He said he listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and "I felt something. I felt inspired." Elder Hatfield explained more extensively the Book of Mormon, and the man kept telling us, "Wow! I read all about Joseph Smith, I can't believe people wanted to kill him." Another great lesson, he's obviously felt the Spirit, and so we have plans to meet him again this Wednesday.

Saturday: Gun-ha's baptism. A lot of technical difficulties with the Baptismal font. But it happened! Gun-ha put in his Baptismal clothes hours before he needed to, and was just excited the whole day. His mom came, and that was amazing. It was her that referred her son, but with her work schedule, she hasn't been able to come to church, or take the missionary lessons. She sat up front with her son, holding his hands.
I sat next to her. She didn't know any hymns, but Gun-ha was already an expert, and opened up the Hymn book for her. When my companion and I sang "I feel My Savior's Love," she closed her eyes, and just took the feelings of the spirit in. The water was bitter cold, but as soon as Gun-Ha was baptized, he said, "Wow! The water is warm all of a sudden." As we were drying off, he said, "Next! Priesthood." We ended by singing, "Teach Me to Walk in the Light." As I sat, clothes still damp from the quick change out of my Baptismal clothes, I couldn't hold back the tears. It was an amazing service.

Ok, so I don't know what's going on with transfers. I'm writing this from another area. There's a big chance they are going to put me with a younger missionary, so we'll see how that goes. It's scary, and I don't feel prepared, but I know God will prepare a way for me if that is what will happen. I find out tonight.

I love you all, and I can't wait to hear your voices.

Tell Auntie Gigette Happy Birthday for me!

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