Sunday, 10 October 2010

Week 14 in Korea

Five mosquito bites on my face... good times. I thought the cold weather took care of the mosquitoes, but now I'm on the hunt every night. I hear them buzzing in my ear and no matter how tired I am, I shoot up like lightning, grab my electric racket, and go on the hunt. Mosquito repellent, mosquito pads, they still get ya.
Anyway, I finally got a chance to SEE General Conference. They broadcast it a week later out here, so they send Korean dubbed to the wards, and broadcast it in English for the missionaries at Stake Centers. We had investigators coming, so we had to stay and watch the Korean dubbed. Obviously it was great for the investigator and they of course come first... but I didn't understand most of it. I understood the main topic of what they were talking about, but when it comes to stories and analogies, my Korean ability is just not there yet!!!! So I'll have to wait for my copy of the Liahona to come so I can read the talks.
It was just really nice getting to explain to people what General Conference is, and who the people speaking are. "A living Prophet and Apostles of Jesus Christ are speaking." That just never comes up when you come from a family of members. The question usually is, "Do we watch it online in our PJ's or get dressed and sit way in the back of the cultural hall?"
Last week we had FHE with a part-member family. It was just about the funnest thing I've gotten to do on the mission. Who knew playing card games with 7 and 10 year old kids could be so much fun? BTW, I got whooped every time. We have a baptismal date set for the dad in two weeks, but it was just amazing to see how much peace and joy singing hymns, sharing scriptures, and doing an activity as a family can bring to a home.
It was a great night. I hope the family did something great for Dad's b-day. I hope some Yahtzee was played, but more importantly I hope everyone got to feel the Spirit that is brought by being together as a family. It's strange to think that half the kids are married. I can't imagine how different your lives will be when I get back, but no matter how much changes, we'll always be family... and it's only going to grow. 
-Elder Reyes

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  1. I imagine the Conference delay is also because of the time difference--if you watched it real time, the first Sunday session would be at 1:00 in the morning on Monday.