Sunday, 22 August 2010

Week 7 in Korea

OK. So i forgot to mention last week that my companion, Lee Jee-Min got transferred a few days early, so he could be trained in the office. I probably didn't mention it because I still had no idea who my new companion would be. 

Also, "taking over" right after your first transfer is waaaaaaay scary. I don't have a good sense of direction to begin with, and I'm supposed to know an area twice the size of most areas??? It was quite the task. But I was more mad at myself for not using every minute I had with my native Korean companion to soak up the language. I was literally kicking myself as I talked about it with the companionship I got put with for three days while I didn't have a companion. Luckily it was Elder Hafen, and Elder Bessey, two of my favorite Elders. Elder Hafen is the one I went on a 3 day exchange with, and saw many miracles. Elder Bessey was my District leader, super funny guy. Unfortunately he got the boot, too, when transfer calls came.
So anyway, I was convinced I'd get put with an American Elder. Most Elders go the entire two years not getting put with a native, and here I had pretty much squandered what I had when I had it. The transfer call came Monday night, the Mission President calls me, and tells me, "we transferred Lee Jee-Min to the office, to replace Lee Jeoung-Hyun... We're sending Lee Jeoung-Hyun to you in Siheung."
Hi-fives all around!!!! So Elder Lee replaces Elder Lee, and I actually replaced an Elder Lee too! Weird. Anyway, I love my new companion. I feel like I've won the lottery twice. I've definitely been utilizing him a lot more in the language. And we've been able to get around our area just fine. He speaks English insanely well... he sounds American a lot of the time. So a lot of idioms are able to be made sense of ,that I didn't understand before. Coming from the office too, he is on the ball and is organized like crazy. I'm in good hands.
Last week, the hospital where we do service asked if I could bring my guitar to play a few songs for the patients there. So i did. We usually just do arts and crafts with them, so this week they rushed through it so I could play some songs for them. I played a couple songs , and it was sooo much fun! Then a few more employees showed up late and (politely) DEMANDED I play more. I obliged, and they said afterward... "Can you just play the entire time next week?" I've gotta learned more songs! I'll probably just bring the childrens hymn book and play songs for them in Korean.
On Saturday morning I went on exchanges with Zone Leaders from another area while my new comp had to take some test for the military. I actually had very close degrees of separation with both of the Zone leaders. Elder Bogner was one of my MTC teacher's last trainee. Buuuut, the other Elder....Elder Prue, was from Sandy, UT. I started out asking if he new Brie, Sarah or Elisha, but when I asked if he knew any Paurs, he's like, "Yeah, I know Paurs." We said Conor's name at the same time. He served with Conor in Iraq!!!! Small world. Anyway, I had a picture of Conor in my little photo album, of Conor in Venezuela. He was stoked! So i said i'd let Conor know.
I hope all is well. I've been getting bit up by mosquitoes again. Even though I slather myself with mosquito repellent, they find the places that don't get covered. First. my ears, then I started covering that. Then my palms. Then the bottom of my feet. I don't really like to use the word hate... but I hate mosquitoes. I love my family, I miss my friends, and the only time I feel like I'm in America is when I'm inhaling a Big-Mac.
I hope everyone is doing alright. I can't really write everything I've seen here, and I'm sure so much has changed there as well. These first 6 weeks flew by. It scares me a little, because I know that's how the whole mission will feel once it's done too.
Love you all.
  Elder Reyes

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