Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Week 53

Last week, after I got approved to stay in Korea for another year, me and my MTC group got together to celebrate our 1-year-in-country mark. It was pretty amazing to see (mostly) everyone. We went to a big buffet and just shared stories about the experiences we've all been having. Whether it was strange contacting stories or strange former companions... we all could relate and all had a good laugh. There's a lot of young missionaries in our mission, and even though we just hit our year mark, we are among the oldest in the mission. There really aren't too many people above us. As I thought back to my first Zone, everyone but 2 people (both of which I was in the MTC with) and my trainer (currently AP) returned home from their missions already.

I feel like I'm finally getting a grasp of the language. Korean is a beast!!!! Of course I've been able to sound somewhat like a Korean for a while, but actually being able to talk about the infinite number of places a conversation can go will take a lifetime to master. But I've been having some really great experiences with people on the street. I've always been able to understand what's going on in a lesson, the Spirit is just right there, and your understanding is just really enhanced. But when you're on a busy street, or crammed on a Subway, it's not always the best environment to listen to that still small voice. Still, I'm always praying in my heart.

I'm still having a blast teaching the members English classes. The kids are a little outta control sometimes, but they quiet right up when we sing hymns. I'll be doing some more baptismal interviews from my District this week. I'm excited for those. And this next week is already the end of this transfer. Next Monday I may stay or go... we'll see. This transfer went by quick. I don't want to leave this ward, they are really amazing. And there are some of the best places to find out here that I've ever seen in the mission. I'm just having a great time. I've been teaching Elder Eisenhaur guitar, and the whole house is getting along great.

Nothing crazy new yet, I'm sure some big changes in a week.  I'm anxious for all the pics of Adam and Leona's wedding though. Oct 15th! Wow. I will be best man in Spirit. lol. let them know know I say congrats and that there photos come out great!

Ok, love you all.

-Elder Reyes

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