Monday, 27 June 2011

Week Area 51... No Indiana Jones Sequels allowed back in

Happy late father's day!!! Sorry, I was in such a hurry I forgot to send my regards last week. Love you dad! I've been sharing a lot of your conversion story with our investigators. It has helped out a lot!

Ok, this week...

Elder Eissenhaur and I have now been in the hospital together 3 times... and we've never even been companions. He had some stomach problems a few days ago and he's been in the hospital since. His companion's last companion apparently had the exact same thing. So we've had to bring them a few things, but he's doing alright.

Another amazing week has passed by. It's been raining all week. It's supposed to be summer! But I have no complaints, when summer hits the second you get out of the shower you're never dry. You just stay soaking wet. It didn't start raining this bad until August last year. Apparently some typhoons are supposed to come in. Last year we had a couple and it wasn't too bad.

The members in Joo-an are really amazing. We teach a members-only English class, and now we split it into two times: one for the youth and one for the adults. I spent the youth class talking about movies and doing impressions of Optimus Prime and Simpsons characters (everything else they don't really know). The kids loved it. One 11-year-old gave me a play-by-play of all the fight scenes in Iron Man 2. if you think that'd be adorable in English, it's way funnier in Korean. He kept telling me about Harry Potter, too. He forgot Voldemort's name and kept referring to him as (literally translated) "the highest most bad person."

Some of our members live in other areas. We'll actually be heading to Siheung (my first area), to have dinner with one, tonight. For a long time, the members didn't really have missionaries to rely on, but they've been doing some good  work here and building a lot of trust.

It was a little hard hitting the streets because of the rain, but we were able to pick up a couple of new investigators. Both were formers, and both didn't really understand our purpose as missionaries... hence why they might be formers. But we just laid everything out on the table and they are really excited to meet again. The Spirit was really strong in both lessons. Elder Fowers and I are really getting to teach in unity. It's we're finally being someone's companion who already has found their way of doing things. I went from being a junior to a trainer that I've never been on the older side of this situation before. Definitely some different styles, but they're really starting to come together.

We got to see a lot of miracles this week. We had to pick something up at a place that borders another area,  by chance we saw a couple other missionaries doing some streetboarding. We had a tight schedule but we wanted to show our district some unity so we stayed out there for  twenty or so minutes. Of course a guy randomly comes up to us and says that he used to meet missionaries before he went off to the army. He also just happens to live in our area. We picked him up this week as an investigator and it was pretty amazing to see. We were led there "without knowing beforehand what we should do." Ok... so we were picking up stuff to bake. But that twenty minutes was worth it.

That same day I ran into a woman who Elder Lee Jeoung Hyun used to visit all the time. She owned a restaurant in Shiheung, and I'd bring my guitar in and play some songs. Of course she would always give us free food afterwards. She was so happy to see me, she was screaming and freaking out. She excitedly told me that she has begun actually taking the lessons from the missionaries and that they would be coming over the next night to teach her and her husband. She kept freaking out that I could actually speak Korean back to her now and understand what she was saying.

Ok, I know I'm forgetting some other stuff that happened. I miss you all. I hope you all have a great late Happy Father's Day celebration. Love you all!

-Elder Reyes

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