Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week 50

I'm about to ride the entire length of the oldest subway line in Korea, so I don't have too much time on here. I've gotta be out the door in 30 min or so, so I'll keep it brief. The work here is amazing. I had a very eventful day last Monday. When I met back up with Elder Eissenhaur, he told me that his mom said that she's "glad you get to live with Elder Reyes, but I feel like you're gonna get into a lot of trouble together." We laughed it off. We're obedient missionaries, what could happen? Of course we did spend a week together in the hospital, but that was hardly our fault.... So......

4 hours later Elder Eissenhaur and I are in the hospital together again. We even had to ride an ambulance there. Elder Eissenhaur broke his foot when we were playing soccer. So careful what you write your kids in emails. They thought he might need surgery but his ligaments were all still attached so he will just be in crutches for a while.

I've been super busy here... but I can take it all in. Maybe it just comes with knowing more of the language, or just the fact that in this mission I'm an old missionary. But I'm enjoying every bit of it. Yesterday was amazing. We have a good handful of Chinese investigators. Some of them are better at Korean, some better at English. We set a baptismal date with one at church yesterday, and then later on we taught a few more. I was teaching one named Sun Di, whose Korean is much better than his English. So we had the pamphlets out, he reading his in Chinese, me reading mine in English, and us both discussing it purely in Korean. It was pretty bizarre. But it was a great lesson.

I was also able to talk to some people who lived in different areas and I was able to set up appointments for the other missionaries. I never had an opportunity like that in my last area. The closest others were to us was 2 hours away.

Ok, I've got hospital pics and all. And a bunch of ones from my last area I'm still aching to send you. So if I have time I'll try to get em out today.

Let everyone know I miss em. Let Mike know I love all the pics. I got to hear from Lee Knight, too! I can't believe how much things are changing over there

Love you all,
Elder Reyes

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