Sunday, 10 April 2011

Week 40

5 sessions of Conference, 5 pages of notes - front and back -  filled. Such a good conference. I wish I had brought them with me, there in a stack on my desk. The only note I wrote down for President Monson opening up General Conference was, "The speakers have sought Heaven's help in preparing these talks" It didn't seem all that important to me, until Elder Holland spoke about the process in which the speakers use in preparing their talks, and how the topics are unassigned. It was a nice way to book-end the conference for me. Well almost, of course President Monson spoke very last.

The speakers focused a lot on service, tithing, and a whole lot about marriage *cough *cough. I really liked Elder Lynn G Robbins talk on "To be or not to be."  The title is "What Manner of Men and Women Ought Ye to Be." Of course there were so many others "Waiting on the road to Demascus," "Opportunities to Do Good" and so many others. But this one really stood out to me.

It explains how "to do" and "to be" are inseparable, or are void without the other.  Much like faith without works. "Do without be is hypocrisy, and portrays a false image to others, while be without do portrays a false image to oneself." I also liked how it talked about complimenting your kids on their attributes instead of their actions.

I will try to do this now with my family.

Dad: You were always willing to heed the promptings of the Spirit. It was a vision you had that brought us to Utah, and ultimately lead to our membership in this Church. You are kind, patient, and the most humble person I know.

Mom: You are steadfast in the faith. You are nurturing. You have been my rock for a long time. You are always willing to give to others, especially your time.

Free: You are infinitely creative. You are diligent in your study of whatever it is you put your mind to. You are deep in faith, and loyal to the end.

James: You are a natural father. Don't let that scare Hillary. You will be an amazing one. You have the attention to detail that is required to see past the surface, and solve problems that are temporal and Spiritual.

Issa: You have a forgiving heart. Your capacity to love others outweighs any other attribute you have. This will turn in a willingness to serve.

This week was great, it ended great with watching conference. If you haven't watched it... do. I love you all.

-Elder Reyes

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