Sunday, 14 November 2010

Week 19: Transfer!

Transfer calls came... and I went. I am now in 원주 "wun-ju". I am in the mountains, but I'm in a much more populated area. Also, this house was a four-man house before, so it's GINORMOUS!!! My new companion, Elder Sung and I each have our own bathroom, and there's a room that's completely empty. It's on the fifteenth floor, so we have an amazing view of the city. The living room (i have a living room now), let's out into two huge glass doors. When I workout in the morning it's dark, and I literally watch the sunrise every morning. I've got the mountains behind the city scape, and it's so peaceful. The air, so clean. The Branch members are great, and there are so many investigators!!! I went from having three in Siheung, to over 30 here in Wun-Ju. It's hard to keep up. The people here keep feeding us, too. I haven't gone a day, not one, where lunch or dinner, or both, aren't provided or paid for by somebody. Today, as a matter of fact, investigators are taking us out for lunch and dinner. This place is magical. Even people we just contact on the street are like, "You're American? You're a missionary. How do you make money? You don't? Let me but you food."
It was also my companions birthday on Sunday, so our fridge is full of cake, and all sorts of other goodies. Most of which he can't eat because he's lactose intolerent. A lot of cake to eat. Elder Sung and I get along so great. We love all of the same music. We surprise each other everyday with the obscure bands we both love. He's my first non-native companion... but he is Korean. So he is one of the best non-native speakers, and he can actually explain how the grammar works instead of just saying, "I don't know, that's just how it is." I feel I'm progressing so much quicker now.
Leaving Shiheung was definitely bittersweet, though. I finally knew every member's full name (Brother Kim doesn't do when there's 12 of them), and I could get around  most everywhere. Also, they had a baptism yesterday. But guess who replaced me! My MTC companion, Elder Hilton. So I was really glad he would get a baptism his first week in Shiheung. The Elder before me left a baptism, so it's only fitting that I leave one for the next Elder. I talked to Elder Hilton this morning and he said he's been getting yelled at by the ward members for "not being Elder Reyes." He asks them that since he was my companion in the MTC if it makes the matter better... he said they say  "No." Haha! I know they will love him though.
I was definitely at peace leaving Shiheung, I think I needed the change. There hasn't been a slow minute here in Wun Ju. It's always go, go, go. It feels great crashing down in your bed at night, absolutely exhausted.
Here's something weird I discovered here: When I tell people my name is Reyes, they say, "Oh, that's funny. That translates to 'Yes, again."  No one ever told me that in Siheung. So I looked it up and  레 " The :"ray" sound is Reyes means re- or again. And 예스, just sound like the English "yes". But 예 on its own has several meanings. One is "example," and the others are "old days," "ancient," and.... "time". So within my name in Korean is... Time Again!!!!
Just another sign that I am where I need to be.
-Elder Reyes
PS: I will send pics of the new place when I get rid of the clutter.

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