Sunday, 26 September 2010

Week 12 in Korea

Ok, so I thought "Chew-Suck" was just three days, but really it lasted pretty much the whole week. At least the streets were deserted the whole week. And when we'd go and visit members during the weekend following, they were all just chillin' in the jammy jams with "I just woke up when you rang the doorbell" written all over their faces.

So much fun, so much food. So sore. We played soccer on Wednesday for 5 hours! Never, ever, ever a good idea. But it had rained all the day before (the subways flooded! My socks were soaked so much that I rang them out and a good cup of water came out), and it was perfectly overcast and cool the entire day. Also, our Zone got customized uniforms, and we couldn't let those go to waste.

The next two days we just ran some errands, cleaned the house, and napped... YES! Napped, that never happens! We spent 48 hours not in missionary attire, it was soooo weird. When we finally put our shirt, ties, and name  tags back on, it felt so good. How is it I feel more comfy in a shirt and tie??!!!! It felt good. But just talking to people again kinda felt weird, too. I almost don't want another break like that. At first I thought it was nice to "not feel like a missionary for a couple days", but at the end of it, I couldn't wait to get back out and WORK! Meet people, and share the gospel!

I hope that urge doesn't go away. We have such an amazing message. And it can bring so much happiness. The week ended perfectly. We now have a baptismal date for mid-October. It's the Dad of a part-member family, and everyone is super excited! But...

We get transfer calls today, so we'll see if I'll be here for it. The bishop freaked out when he heard there was a chance that I may leave. So he called the Mission President demanding that I stay here for at least one more transfer. The bishop here is amazing; he has the PERFECT family. I knew we got along really well, but I didn't  realize just how much he trusted me. But I'll wait to see how it all turns out. I know they've been wanting to get me closer to Seoul, so we'll see.I 'll let you know all the haps next week.

Love you all!
-Elder Reyes

The wind is blowing through the library windows, and it sounds like music! Like August Rush stuff happening right now... weieeeeiiird. Sounds like a 30 foot tall giant is chanting.

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