Friday, 20 August 2010

Week 5 in Korea

So Mondays are usually my P-days. But we went to the temple today, so yesterday was a regular proselyting day. It's a blessing that it was. We walk one way out of our apartment to go to the Church, and another way to go do e-mail. Since yesterday was a regular day, we were going to the church to grab some materials, and there it was, on top of a bunch of junk..... A GUITAR!!!!! I picked it up, expecting to see a cracked neck, or a broken bridge,but it was in good shape. I looked around, and there was a lady putting other junk on the curb, she yells "Just take it." I did. It was dusty, and the strings were rusted, but I just threw some pledge on it and took the strings off, hoping to get some strings later on in the week. It just so happens, we pass by three music stores in the area we were visiting some less-actives. And it just so happens, that when my foreign mission card wouldn't work, I had EXACTLY enough cash to buy a new set of strings. I'm meant to have a guitar I guess. I strung it up during lunch, and after a long day of contacting, we came back to our apt, and there it was...our house finally felt like a home! It works wonders to let loose at the end of the night.

Like I said last week, we did run into a member after emailing, and they wanted to buy us food, but we were running late so we had to turn it down.

So this week:

I met a kid on a bus ride back from interviews two Saturdays ago. His name is Lee Moon Hock. I called him that Monday, and the second he picks up, and I explain who I am, He says" I want to meet again. I want to come to your church. I grew up Buddhist, and I've always had a good feeling when I look at Christian churches." I ask when he's good to meet, "I'm on school vacation, there's a place I study for a little bit, but then I'm free the whole rest of the day." WOW! I got goosebumps. We scheduled to meet the next day.

Then the next morning, finally got a hold of Na Kwang Yeoul, the man who miraculously found Elder Hafen and I when we were on exchanges. When I called him at night, he had never picked up, so I tried calling in the morning, and right away he answers, "WHEN can we meet!" So I was feeling great that morning. Everything was falling into place. But then we get a text from Lee Moon Hock... "Sorry, my mom won't let me go to your church." My heart was broken. My companion tried to cheer me up, saying that it happens all the time. But I didn't want to give up on someone this excited and this prepared. I suggested texting him back and seeing if we can go to the place where he studies, and just teach him there . He texts back, "Sure, I'm 20 minutes away from where you are, is that okay?" We tell him that we're on our way. Right before we're about to get on the bus to go and meet him he calls us, "You know what, I really want to see your church. I'm on my way over to you!"

He has no concept of God, and even the word itself is a bit strange to him, but he's as smart as a tack, and really enjoyed learning about the restoration. When we tried to give him a Book of Mormon to take home, he said his mom would freak out if she found it. He said, "What parts do you want me to read, I'll read it now." It was amazing, he ended up reading more than we asked hm too as well. I constructed a false cover for a Book of Mormon so it looks like a Disney story book, and we'll be giving it to him soon.

We finally got to meet with Na Kwang Yeoul on Thursday. My companion was a little skeptical, with what Elder Hafen and I have told him about Na and his friends. But when we got there, Na himself explained the story to Elder Lee, and affirmed, that it was "A miracle that I saw those two walking. I just had to invite them in, I know they were sent from God." The lesson went so well with him and his friend, that Elder Lee was just so excited afterward. Na even made sure it's okay to call us if he has any questions WHEN he reads the B.O.M. He's so committed. He went to China this last Sunday, but is excited to come to church and "See what the members are like."

We lost an investigator who had committed to Baptism after her mom put the ixnay on it. But after we saw her for the last time, I began to think. Maybe she really hadn't had a spiritual testimony, maybe she is just really nice. Our investigators need to use the tools we give them in order to receive that answer. Sometimes, we need an experience like how we met Na Kwang Yeoul, to really build our faith. So the next day, Elder Lee and I wanted to go tract somewhere we never had before. We wanted to go to this park, but we got super lost. We ended up seeing people walking through these huge rice paddies. We decide to go through there. But the further we got, the less people there were. And pretty soon we were surrounded by rice patties for over a mile in every direction.

We only talk to two people in about two hours of walking through some of the most amazing scenery (I didn't have my camera!!!), with some huge bugs and huge plants that make me feel like I'm in Wonderland. We finally get out of the rice fields, and I'm a bit disappointed. It felt like kind of a waste. But who do we see at the bus stop? Lee Moon Hock! He asks "What were you doing in there?" We tell him, we have no idea. But that we were probably meant to see him.

Ok, running out of time, glad to hear from all of you! Free and Joe, send me some comic-con pics and stories!!!!

Elider Reyes

P.S Happy Birthday ISSA! I sent you a card last week, hopefully it gets there in time for Sat. Also, this computer is gnarly, so feel free to correct any typos.

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