Sunday, 18 July 2010

Week 2 in Korea!

OK! Week 2... First off... Mom broke her foot??? No one told me that. That sucks. How? When, where? Anyway, while you are eating steak from Dallen, I ate what I thought was really good ham last night... turns out, dog. Sorry dog lovers, Fido was delicious.

Alright, I've been leaving my self IOU journal entries, with the big events of the day written on a post it note I stick on the page of my journal for that day. Not a good idea. But either I'm so exhausted at the end of the day, or there's something that I want to study, that it's hard to spend my last waking hours writing about myself. That's even more exhausting. So I've been trying to get back to properly writing in my journal. Consider these emails the abridged version of my tales.

Last Monday, we did a basketball contact to a group of twentysomethings... sounds fun, but we do it in full on missionary attire. Sweating like crazy! On top of that, those guys schooled us so hard!!!! They were so good. But I call shenanigans because it was a 9 foot court, which I'm not used to shooting on ever. Later that night we taught a lesson on the street to a kid who didn't seem all that interested, but had some of the best questions I've heard from anybody I've taught so far. Again, amazingly, I was able to answer all of his questions. I say something, and I'd look at my companion and ask if I answered it properly, and to see if if there was anything he wanted to add. "No, that's the answer."

I finally got my translator this last week. The thing is amazing. It was like Christmas when it arrived. I didn't realize it was touch screen!!! So hi-tech. But the thing is made for Koreans, I can use it for what I need it for. But since all of the menu buttons and instructions are in Korean, i have no clue had to change the clock setting or date. Dec 8 2009 it is. But it makes my studying so much faster, Thank you sooo much!

I had dinner with the Bishop's family, I showed him some pictures from the photo album, and freaked out when He saw that we had gotten to meet Ezra Taft Benson. He absolutely loved him, and had me tell him all about the experience.

Thursday was not so pleasant as the rest of the week, due to one 15 minute incident. We were in the church building, since that is where we do 90% of our teaching, and we hear someone yelling up a storm inside the church. Some drunk grandpa was furious, and when he saw my companion, he got even more angry. Yelled stuff I didn't understand, and then started slapping my companion in the chest. We called the cops, and told him to get out. Apparently he was angry that our church locks our gates, so that kids from the neighborhood don't use the parking lot as a playground, which the neighbors end up complaining about the noise. Yelling grandpa was mad because his two granddaughters would play in there. There's literally more than a dozen of some of the most beautiful parks you've ever seen within a 10 block radius of our church. I don't get it.

Ok, so I hadn't seen proper rain yet, but be careful what you wish for. Friday and sat it rained like no other!!!! It's a 1:30 walk from our Apt to the church, and in that time, my pants were drenched. Everyone shuts down when it rains. They stay in there houses, and don't go out. Brutal. So we knocked doors sat, and that was brutal too. Luckily it just makes me giggle uncontrollably when a door gets slammed in our face. My comp takes it a lot harder. 3 apt buildings, 19+ floors each... phew.

Sunday, great church meetings. One of our progressing investigators came to church, and we gave her a soft baptismal commitment when we taught her afterward. So great! It was super windy all day. And people kept giving us food...there's a giant watermelon taking up half our fridge.

Ok, love you all. hope Mom gets better fast. Hope everyone s going ok. Let me know what's happening with everyone!

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