Tuesday, 29 June 2010

6 More Days in the MTC

Dear Family,

Like I told you it was going to be last week, this was an insane week at the MTC... We got to hear Elder Dallin H. Oaks speak, which brings my total up to 5 Apostles I got to hear speak at the MTC. But that's not all, while the new Mission President training was going on, for the last day, 10 out of the twelve Apostles were here, including the ENTIRE First Presidency.

The MTC was on such crazy lockdown. I've never seen so many Police Officers in suits before. It was amazing. A lot of new plans were unveiled for the very near future of Missionary work.. Near, as in July 7th. The new Mormon.org will launch that day, and it will feature Facebook style profiles. Here's the kicker though...... We all know social networking has been a no no, but they want all of the missionaries to create accounts, which will have our pictures, life story, and testimonies. People can come read the accounts, and if the investigator wants to learn more, they can click a button which will take them to a chat.. On the other side of that chat is a missionary!!!! Missionaries being TOLD to use chat rooms! Missionary work is evolving with the times, it's so great! There is also a simplified "Preach My Gospel" coming out as well.

I'm sad to hear the Todds moved out of 2nd ward, but the Glendale Apts could no longer contain the growing Todd clan... I remember when KK was no taller than my knee. Now, soon enough there will be 2 Todd boys wreaking havoc...... I can't wait!

I've been so happy with my awesome pocket watch, the Elders in my Zone are pretty jealous. The thing is as sweet as the huge bag of gummies I got along with it! Thanks James and Hill!!!!

I can't believe Issa got to hang out with horses and shoot a rifle...... "those are my favorite things to do.... EVERY DAY!"

The language is unfolding in my mind, and my ability to understand it is finally catching up to how fast I can mimic and speak it. I know you are praying for me, and I can feel and see the effects of it every minute of everyday. I wish I knew prayer was this powerful before! Thank you, and I love you all!!!

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